Here Comes the Sun: What to Pack for Your Next Beach Vacation

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There’s nothing like swapping the hustle and bustle of everyday life for lazy days by the beach and moonlit nights on the dance floor. Unfortunately, just the thought of packing for an easy-breezy vacation can be enough to regret booking that flight.

“Will I actually wear that maxi dress?” “How many swimsuits do I really need?” The list of questions might seem endless but, thankfully, we’ve put together a guide that’ll help you make sure you have everything you need for some fun in the sun.

Here’s what to pack for your next beach vacation.

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Clothing Staples

Even if you don’t plan on taking many photos during your days at the beach, your whole entire vacation vibe rides on the outfits you bring. From cute swimsuits to dresses for dinner, there’s so much to bring and so little room to put it. This is why it totally makes sense that packing pieces that not only look great but also help you to feel confident might be the most difficult part of getting ready for your trip.

Below are some staple travel pieces that you should consider adding to your suitcase.

  • Bathing Suits: Whether you’ll actually be in the water or not, cute swimsuits are an absolute must-have for any beach vacation. Even if you’ve gone shopping for new ones for this special occasion, it doesn’t hurt to also pack an old favorite that you love and feel super confident in.
  • A Trusty Cover-Up: You don’t need to bring a whole bunch of beach cover-ups. Stick to a favorite or two that you can style in different ways (like a sarong that can also double as a tube top).
  • Tank Tops and Shorts: Bring along a few tank tops and shorts that you can mix and match over your bathing suits. Even if you’ll be at the beach most of the day, you’ll want to cover up when it’s time to grab food. Athletic tanks and shorts can work well for this and can be worn for the next day’s workout, too.
  • A Loose Long Sleeve Shirt: Spending the day in the sun can take a lot out of you. Bring along a long sleeve shirt that’s light in weight and color that you can wear over your bathing suit during the day or if it gets a little breezy at night.
  • Flip Flops, Water Shoes and Sandals: You’ll probably be most comfortable in a pair of flip flops for the beach, but a pair of water shoes will likely work best if you’ll be doing any adventure activities–like white water rafting or tubing. For dinnertime, dress up your look in a pair of strappy sandals (you certainly shouldn’t need more than one pair of dressy shoes).
  • Something Water-Resistant: Tropical climates are wet, and you might get caught in the rain on the way to dinner. Bring along something to protect you from a downpour, whether that’s a rain jacket or an oversized umbrella.
  • Dresses for Dinner: Breezy, flowy dresses are easy choices for dinnertime. They’ll help keep you cool when the weather’s hot and elevate your look without sacrificing comfort.
  • Tunic Tops and White Jeans: You probably don’t want to bring along heavy blue denim for your warm-weather getaway, but white jeans are totally in style and won’t leave you overheating. Loose tunic tops are exactly what to wear with white jeans and pack easily into your suitcase.
  • A Small Handbag: Whether you’re heading to the store for a few quick groceries or going out to dinner, having a small bag will let you bring just the essentials (wallet, room key, lip gloss) without needing to bring your entire beach bag with you.
  • Minimal Jewelry: Stick to costume jewelry and don’t bring too much of it on your trip. Tiny pieces are easy to lose track of.

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Beach Day Essentials and Toiletries

Now that your outfits are ready to go, it’s time to get yourself prepared for a few fun days at the beach! From a floppy hat to trusty toiletries, here’s what else to add.

  • Wide-brimmed Hat: Especially on super sunny days, you’ll want to protect your eyes (and your scalp) from the warm rays. A floppy beach hat will roll up easily in your suitcase and is the perfect addition to any beach day outfit.
  • Sunglasses: Sunglasses add flirty fun to your vacation look. Just be sure to pick a pair or two that have UV protection.
  • Good Books: If you’re a reader, a good book is a great choice to enjoy your time at the beach. Whether you bring along a few paperbacks or download some digital versions, this will be something fun to pass the time.
  • Headbands and Hair Ties: If you have long hair, you might start feeling really warm if you wear it down all day. Pack some trendy headbands, hair ties and/or hair scarves to pull your tresses off your face if they start to bother you.
  • Toiletries: Prepare yourself for days in the hot sun by packing toiletries that’ll help you feel more comfortable. Aside from what you’d typically bring with you for a vacation, take along lots of sunscreen, maybe a leave-in conditioner and comb (to combat salt and chlorine) and makeup wipes (to help you stay fresh between lunch and dinner).
  • Your Own Beach Towel: Depending on where you’re staying, it might not be the easiest to always get a fresh beach towel. If it’s important that you always have something to lie down on, pack your own with you.
  • A Big ol’ Beach Bag: You’ll want something to store all of your essentials in. Find one that can fit everything you need for the day.

Fun in the Sun

Packing for your next beach vacation doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With just a little bit of planning, you’ll be ready to spend your days lounging by the water in no time!