What Shoes to Wear with Flare Jeans

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flare jeans and high heels

Flare jeans are a major trend for 2020, and we couldn’t be more excited for their comeback! While this super flattering silhouette surely offers the perfect dose of ’70s playfulness, it takes a little bit of creative styling, especially with some cute shoes, to make sure that these flirty pants don’t dance too far into disco fever territory.

From cute wedges in neutral tones to pointy toe boots in glossy black leather, here are the shoes to wear with flare jeans.

Sophisticated Styles

When it comes to deciding what shoes to wear with flare jeans, the biggest factor to keep in mind is their height. Because these pants are very shapely, it’s important to choose shoes with a little bit of a heel or platform.

  • Platforms: Platforms are a fun way to play into the vintage vibes without taking it over the top. Whether you pick some chunky cork heels or even opt for a chunky pair of platform sneakers for some street style edge, these are a natural fit for flare jeans.

flare jeans wedges

  • Wedges: Cute wedges work for all sorts of different types of pants, but they make an extra bold impact when worn with flares. You can easily dress this combo up or down depending on the occasion.
  • Ankle Boots: There are tons of ways to style cute boots, but one of our absolute favorites is with flares! Ankle booties are the perfect pick for these pants because they have enough structure to balance out the boldness of the flare silhouette without overpowering it.
  • Heeled Sandals: Sandals and jeans go so well together, especially when the shoes have chunky heels and the pants have flirty flares.
  • Pumps: The classic pump is a really sweet and modern way to dress up your flare pants for date night. Look for one with some sturdiness to it so that it doesn’t get lost underneath the heavier jean fabric.

What makes these styles work so well with flares is the way they complement but don’t compete with the fabric and silhouette. While there are so many outfits that flats, flip flops and thin sole sneakers are flattering with, these styles might be worth avoiding when it comes to your flares. 

Because they’re so low to the ground, the bottoms of your pants can end up scrunching up at your ankles and taking away from the lovely way they elongate your legs. This can end up looking a touch unpolished and even a little bit immature.

stylish woman wearing black flare pants

Colors and Prints

When styling cute shoes with your jeans, the colors and prints you choose are just as important as the height and silhouette. If you’ve ever put a good amount of thought into picking what color shoes with a navy dress, you can generally follow a lot of the same rules here.

  • Glossy Black: Whoever said that you can’t wear black and blue was sorely mistaken! A smooth black leather or glossy patent leather makes for a really elegant pairing with blue jeans that has just the right touch of edge.
  • Crisp White: White really pops against navy blue, and offers just the right touch of nautical sweetness to your look.
  • Maroon: Maroon complements deep blues really nicely and adds a rich, boho look that’s perfect for the fall and winter seasons.
  • Neutral Tones: Buff, taupe and nude tones allow the blue hues of your jeans to take center stage.
  • Snake Print: Just like leopard print, snake print acts like a neutral but has some sassiness that plain colors can’t always provide.
  • Metallics: Metallic colors offer some shimmery excitement to your outfit. Whether you pick a sweet silver or a glimmering gold, this is a pairing that’ll attract attention.
  • Mustard Yellow: This warm tone is definitely inspired by the ’70s, but styled with blue jeans, it looks fresh rather than dated.
  • Bubblegum Pink: This bright pink adds a completely unexpected burst of youthful energy to playful and feminine ensembles.

There are really endless options for colors and prints that work well with flares. Even sequins wouldn’t be taking it too far so long as you keep the rest of your outfit on the simple side.

Showing Your Flair

There’s nothing more fun than getting inspired to add vintage vibes to your look, and flare jeans give you the chance to do just that. No matter how you style your flares, don’t forget to add your own unique flair with your hair, makeup and accessories!