6 Outfits to Wear to an Interview

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You’ve learned industry talking points, mastered your strengths and weaknesses and polished up your LinkedIn profile. Now it’s time to design your outfit! Though it may not seem like it, what you wear to an interview really does matter. In fact, according to one study, clothing can give others the impression that you’re confident, flexible and successful—three things you definitely want to be when heading into an interview for your dream job. Here are some of our favorite interview outfits to give off an amazing first impression!

1. All Black Everything Plus a Splashy Jacket—Who says professional attire has to be boring? Definitely not us! We’re obsessed with this chic-but-fun interview ensemble featuring The Maud Jacket coupled with the Make Your Own Choices Pants. The adaptable, cropped pants and tailored navy jacket give off a polished yet personable feel, so everyone will be charmed by you from the minute you walk in. It’s versatile enough that it would go with tons of cute blouses for work, too.

2. A Pair of Cropped Pants with Ankle Boots—Our best tip for year-round interview styling? Learn how to wear ankle boots in a way that makes you feel like a hashtag boss. What we love about the office-friendly bootie is that it works perfectly with the oh-so-trendy cropped pant look that’s so in style these days. Showing a little bit of ankle is a super-fun way to waltz into the room with some serious attitude! Top your look off with a cute tie-front top and you’re hired.
3. A Brightly Colored Blazer Over a Classic Look—Vogue editors recommend going a bit basic but still showing some personality when dressing for an interview, and we think this look totally nails that. The white and black foundation gives off capable, practical vibes, while the fun teal blazer and trendy shoes take it up a few notches so your future boss knows you’re not afraid to be daring. We didn’t call it the Get Down to Business Blazer for nothing!
blue blazer

4. A Printed Blouse with Tailored Pants—Basic is good, boring is not good! If you’d like to dazzle any interviewer, top off a pair of workwear pants with a subtly patterned blouse, perhaps a style with dots or stripes, to keep things classic. Don’t be scared to bust out your favorite florals or animal prints, too—so long as they’re made with a more office-appropriate fabric (something silky or neat).
5. A Leopard Skirt with a White Top—Speaking of funky patterns…leopard print is one of those rare classics that somehow goes with virtually everything you own, whether casual or dressed up. We’re living for the Bold Babe Midi Skirt in beige, and it could definitely be officed up with a chic, black blazer or cardigan. The beauty of this beloved print is that it pairs perfectly with black and brown, so you can accessorize with all your faves without worrying too much about matching.
midi skirt

6. A Chic Dress that Screams ‘CEO’—It doesn’t matter what you’re interviewing for, you’ll feel like the boss in an instant with a well-tailored dress that brings out the Michelle Obama or Sheryl Sandberg in you. Choose something that’s form-fitting yet sensible, perhaps in a well-structured fabric that won’t wrinkle or bunch. Coupled with a pair of cute work-ready heels, you can bet that the style department will do a double-take!

The Ingredients for a Good Interview Outfit

Our key ingredients for a good interview outfit include one-part professional sensibility and one-part personality. In other words, ditch the denim for neatly tailored workwear pants but never be afraid to go big with the colors, prints and patterns, so long as they’re done in an office-friendly material and cut. Follow these tips (and grab pieces from our boutique before your interview) and you’ll be well on your way to landing your dream gig in no time.