How to Wear Ankle Boots: 6 Bootie Styling Tips for 2019

Posted by Ana Velez on

You know what we adore about ankle boots? The fact that they can be styled to go with any outfit, any time of year for virtually any occasion. From warm, suede styles that pair perfectly with chunky tights to breezy cutout booties that give your summer dresses a fresh, boho flair, a good pair of booties translates with ease from season to season, from vibe to vibe.

Unlike high boots, ankle boots can be a bit of a challenge to get just right. It takes a smidge more finessing and experimentation to get your jeans cuffed perfectly or to find the ideal distance between bootie and the hem of your skirt. But don’t give this trendy shoe the boot just yet. The experts from The Mint Julep Boutique are here to help you master this staying trend like a pro!

1. Tucked into Your Skinniest Skinny Jeans—A cute pair of faux suede booties tucked into super-skinnies. We can’t think of anything more spot-on, especially for the fall and winter months. The key here is styling your booties with denim featuring the smallest leg opening and slimmest ankle fit you can find. Luckily, with so many comfortable but flattering jeans out there, you won’t feel suffocated, even when you opt for the painted-on look.

2. With a Pair of Chunky, Folded Socks—Bust out your comfiest boot socks and get ready for winter, because this is the best way to style all your boots when it’s cold out. With ankle-height boots, stick to mid-weight socks, folded over once or twice to create a cool layered look. Whether you choose a thick knit sock for the pumpkin patch or a mesh style that looks totally at home with your micromini skirts, don’t be afraid to experiment with the socks and boots trend this year.

3. With a Little Bit of Ankle Showing—If you err on the trend-forward side, you know that you’ve got to show off your ankle this year. The cropped jean—otherwise known as the 7/8 jean or ankle jean—is so hot at the moment, and we love it for the simple fact that it goes perfectly with your favorite show-stopping ankle boots. There are so many ways to pay tribute to this hot-off-the-runway look, whether you cuff your pants or opt for a low-hitting bootie that leaves room for a little skin.


4. Beneath a Pair of Statement Flares—We’ve taken things back to the ’90s in every way possible fashion-wise, so why not do it with our denim and boots, too? If you weren’t around back then, let us introduce you to one of the hottest trends of the day—cropped flares with low-height boots. It may sound weird, but it’s surprisingly fashion-forward, so we recommend giving it a try this year.

5. With No Socks and Some Skin Showing—To play off the beloved bare-ankle trend, we’ve seen tons of stylish cutout booties that showcase a bit of skin on the foot or at the ankle. We’re talkin’ strappy, laced, open-toed and side-cut booties that leave plenty of room for a breeze. The only drawback with this bold bootie look is that it’s limited mostly to the warmer months, but man does it look amazing with a pair of summery white jeans or leggings.


6. With a Flirty Skirt or Dress—With all this talk about denim, we almost forgot one of the best ways to wear ankle boots—with a short skirt, romper or dress and some leg showing. The bare legs and boots trend proves that this is a footwear style that cannot and should not be pigeon-holed to pants, so go ahead and show off those stems, even when you’re getting dressy for work or a special occasion.


Celebrate the Beauty of the Bootie

Ah, the bootie. Such a versatile and foundational piece for rocking year-round. Whether you want to sink into a trendy state of mind and showcase your ankles or get dressy with a flirty frock, this is one shoe that’ll be there for you no matter what.