11 Ways to Style a Wrap Dress

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We’d argue that the wrap dress is possibly one of the most important fashion breakthroughs of the 20th century! Its versatility and magical ability to be universally flattering make it the perfect go-to piece for anyone.

Whether you’re heading to the beach or the board room, get inspired by these 11 ways to style a wrap dress.


1. Style with sneakers for an easy, breezy look that’s comfortable too.

    A printed wrap dress is visually interesting and so easy to wear. Styled with crisp, white sneakers, it’s the perfect getup for everything from a casual day of errands to Sunday brunch with your best friends. Add a crossbody bag to complete this on-the-go ensemble.

    2. Cover up with a cute, crisp jean jacket on a chilly night.

      If you don’t need a heavy coat, a jean jacket is the perfect layering piece over a wrap dress. Choose a shapely option to define your waist where the wrap dress cinches in. To make this look totally appropriate for date night, tie your hair back into a loose ponytail and step into a stylish pair of slingback pumps.

      3. Transition into fall and winter with layering pieces.

      You don’t have to store your short sleeve or tank top wrap dresses away as soon as the temperature starts to dip. Instead, get creative with layering pieces to give your summer favorites new life! A slim black turtleneck serves as the perfect base layer for a colorful wrap dress, and a cozy cardigan can keep you warm on even the chilliest day.

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      4. Finish the look with flirty shoes for a spring outfit that feels both fresh and fun.

      Elongate your legs with a pair of cute wedges that are easy to walk in, but give you some height. They’re the perfect complement to a swingy dress and totally relaxed enough for the weekend.

      5. Embrace summertime with adorable sandals and a wide brim hat.

      There’s nothing like the sunny optimism of summertime! Match the brightness of the season with a pair of strappy sandals and a wide brim hat for the ultimate warm-weather style.


      6. Be ready for business in a tailored blazer.

      No matter what types of meetings or presentations are on the schedule for the day, a flattering blazer-wrap dress combo will help give you the confidence you need to tackle even the toughest conversations. Tie your hair back into a loose bun for a poised style that still has a little fun.

      7. Go more modest with tights and pumps.

      If you work in a more conservative environment, closed-toe shoes and opaque tights give an extra level of professionalism to your look and make a wrap dress totally office appropriate. When the weather is colder, black tights and pumps are a safe, but not stuffy, choice. In the summertime, nude-colored tights offer just the right amount of coverage.

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      8. Frame your face with a flirty cushioned headband.

      Headbands continue to be a major fashion trend and add a sweet finishing touch to any dressy outfit. When paired with the classic wrap dress, a cushioned headband in a silk fabric looks both effortless and elegant! Finish the look with a sparkly handbag and you’re instantly ready for date night.

      9. Enjoy a night on the town in a pair of strappy sandals.

      On a summer night, sandals with fun details can really elevate a wrap dress. Look for metallic styles, or experiment with the new-and-now square toe silhouette.

      10. Elongate the legs with a pair of sky-high heels.

      Nude colored high heel shoes are a natural choice for anyone looking to create the illusion of longer, slimmer legs! Whether you opt for a simple pair of pumps or step into a pair of summery sandals, the extra height can really transform your look. Just be sure to pick a pair you can actually walk in, otherwise, you risk a really uncomfortable evening!

      11. Jazz up a simple dress with dazzling jewelry.

      Let your accessories shine for a bold and dressy look that works so well for summer weddings. Start with a simple neutral-colored wrap dress, then add a pair of dangly, colorful earrings to draw attention to your beautiful face. Swoop your hair back into a loose bun and you’re done!


      There’s a reason the wrap dress never goes out of style. It’s super flattering and can be worn in so many unique ways. From a casual day of errands to a fancy summer wedding, this wardrobe staple is so worth the investment!