What to Wear at Home: 8 Loungewear Essentials You’ll Love

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Whether you’ve always been a homebody, or you are spending more of your days indoors than usual, now’s a great time to stock up on some stylish new wardrobe staples. From trendy tie-dye shirts to oversized button-ups, get inspired by these eight top loungewear trends you’ll love to wear at home.

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1. Tie-dye shirts are super cool.

Tie-dye shirts aren’t just for kids at summer camp anymore. In fact, it’s become quite a trend in grown-up color options and flirty silhouettes! While this has the potential to be a really fun DIY craft, you can end up making a big mess if you’re tight on space or not careful during the process. Save yourself the headache and pick up a ready-made version of tie-dye print clothes.

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2. A cable knit sweater will keep you warm.

It’s not easy to set your home to the perfect temperature, and if you have others living with you, you might not be the one who controls the thermostat. A cable knit sweater is the perfect solution for chilly fall nights or summer days when the air conditioner is blasting on high.

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3. Give your outfit an edge with a leopard print T-shirt.

Leopard print makes for surprisingly versatile wardrobe staples, as the colors often act as neutrals. Go casual in a classic T-shirt that you can style with anything from a high waisted skirt to sweatpants. Don’t worry, your leopard print isn’t likely to go out of style anytime soon. 

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4. Rock an oversized button-up shirt.

There’s nothing like an oversized button up to lounge around in. This lived-in staple is very trendy and flattering, and you can style it with bicycle shorts for a throwback look that still feels fresh. The key is to pick a size that’s just big enough but still grazes your curves. If it’s too boxy, you’ll risk giving the impression that you’re walking around in a sheet!

5. Snuggle up in a cozy cardigan.

Even if you’re spending more time indoors, you shouldn’t have to keep going back and forth to your closet in order to pick a comfortable outfit. A cardigan is an easy layering piece that you can always take off if you’re feeling warm. Plus, it’s great as a light jacket if you decide to leave for a quick walk around the block.

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6. Have a celeb-inspired fashion moment with a tie front T-shirt.

The tie front T-shirt has been around for a while, but it doesn’t show signs of slowing down! While you can purchase a tie front T-shirt from the store, you can just as easily tie a knot in an oversized shirt you already have. Tie a loose, low knot for a swingy bounce when you move, or twist it tight to reveal just a peek of skin.

7. A flowy top is professional but cozy.

If you’re working from home and have to look polished for a video chat, flowy tops are a perfect option. These trendy tops aren’t tight or stuffy like blazers, but they still look very put-together. Choose a solid, bright color to really stand out on screen.

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8. Sport a sporty look with a classic drawstring hoodie.

When styled effectively, hoodies are far from a lazy choice for relaxing at home. The ultimate in loungewear, they look sporty and effortlessly cool when paired with a tight pair of biker shorts, tall socks and chunky sneakers.

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Lounging Around

While you’ll certainly love to wear these top trends at home, remember that they aren’t only for the indoors. Most of these stylish outfits will look just as appropriate for a walk around the block or a trip to the park once it’s finally time to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine with friends!