4 Flattering Tips on How to Wear a Romper

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The Poolside Cappuccino Brown Romper

While you might first think of little kids when you hear the word “romper,” this classic silhouette is actually super flattering and ladylike - and a lot easier to wear than most people would believe! All it takes is a little bit of creative styling to turn cute rompers into elevated, grown-up looks.

Here’s an intro on rompers, plus four flattering tips on how to wear one.

What’s a Romper?

The most basic explanation for how a romper is made is that it is a top and a bottom that are sewn together. Unlike a jumpsuit, which is made from one piece of fabric stitched in one piece into a full-body garment, think of a romper as two pieces that are sewn together to create one. While rompers could technically be any length, most people classify rompers as having a short length on the bottom.

While you might initially think of rompers as outfits for young children, there are many sophisticated and trendy options for women available nowadays!

Give Me A Chance Romper, Olive-Natural

How to Wear a Romper

The key to creating sophisticated looks with rompers is to find grown-up looking patterns and fabrics, and ensure you’re wearing the correct size.

1. Opt for elevated fabrics, colors and patterns.

To keep a romper feeling less like something you’d wear to summer camp, and more like something you could wear to Sunday brunch, be selective about the colors and patterns you choose. While primary colors might be super fun for a little one, they don’t always translate well into women’s rompers.

  • Neutrals like cream, blush and taupe are easy to style and accessorize.
  • Solid jewel tones like ruby and amethyst look vibrant, yet don’t overpower the outfit.
  • Pastels and shades of gray are super versatile and can be dressed up or down.

Gingham, paisley and stripes are all very grown-up looking patterns that give rompers just the right amount of dimension and visual interest. When it comes to material, structured fabrics are better for dressier occasions, while lighter and looser fabrics (like cotton) are better for more casual days.

It’s A Beautiful Day Aqua And Pink Striped Romper

2. Pick a style with sleeves for something more mature and sophisticated.

While longer shorts can make a romper feel a bit too youthful, adding sleeves has the opposite effect! A short sleeve or long sleeve romper balances out the short bottoms, creating a look that’s grounded and appropriate for almost all occasions!

  • It’s easy to make a romper with flutter sleeves fit for a fancier event: all you’ll need are a pair of cute sandals, some dazzling jewelry and a clutch bag.
  • A structured romper with a collared shirt could be perfect for a casual workday, and will transition well to happy hour later!
  • Wear a pair of crisp, white sneakers with a denim romper for a sporty look that’s still very put-together.

3. Be as accurate as possible with sizing, and tailor if necessary.

A romper that doesn’t fit you perfectly - especially if it’s too big and baggy - can start to look childlike. For the most flattering fit, make sure that the waist of your romper hits right at the slimmest part of your natural waist, and that the length of the bottoms isn’t past your knees.

If you’re shopping at a store, make your way to the dressing room to try on all the cute rompers you think you might love. If you’re buying online, pay close attention to the size chart to pick the option that best reflects your measurements. If you can’t find a style off the rack that fits you exactly perfectly, don’t be afraid to take it to a tailor to make some adjustments!

Have You All To Myself Brick Red Leopard Romper

4. Flatter your figure with waist-cinching ruching or accessories.

Styles that incorporate waist detailing give the illusion of a narrower midsection, helping to create a flattering hourglass shape. Styles that have ruching or elastic at the waist can look great on any body type. You can also look for styles that have built-in accessories or flourishes, like bows, belts or sashes.

Romp Around

The romper is a classic piece you should definitely consider adding to your wardrobe, but it’s certainly worth a little research before diving right into a purchase. Once you’ve found a style, fabric and color you love, odds are it’ll be a new favorite in constant rotation!