How to Accessorize: 7 Tips to Complete Your Look

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Accessories are pretty magical in that they have the power to truly make or break an outfit. Whether it’s a bold necklace that instantly elevates a basic dress or a pair of statement earrings that draw attention to your beautiful face, accessories are the finishing touch that ties your whole look together.

Get inspired to come up with creative ways to style trendy accessories and read on for seven tips to complete your look.


1. Allow your statement piece to take center stage.

Want to rock a statement piece? There’s nothing more exciting than showcasing a new favorite! Start with one key accessory that will become the focal point of your look, then plan the rest of your outfit around it.

  • Choose a bold pair of statement earrings, then wear a simple top and skirt that complement - but don’t compete with - the color palette.
  • Found the perfect collar necklace? Show it off by wearing a flowing v-neck top or dress.
  • Select a dress that picks up the color in a statement-making cocktail ring.


When you’re sticking with a statement piece, it’s best to avoid combining too many other elements. This way, your outfit doesn’t compete with your jewelry for attention!

2. Let long earrings peek out from behind your hair.

What good is a pair of statement earrings if they’re hidden? Style your hair in ways that let them have the moment they deserve.

  • Tie your hair back into a half-up style, then wrap a piece of hair around the elastic.
  • Curl your hair loosely, tuck it behind your ears, and secure with a few bobby pins.
  • Style a low, messy bun for an effortless ‘do that doesn’t look like you tried too hard.

Long, bold statement earrings pair especially well with tops and dresses that give them breathing room. Opt for an off the shoulder or wide neck top to show off a bit of skin without being too revealing.

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3. Add some personality to your look with stacked bracelets.

Jewelry is extra special when it’s meaningful, and bracelets give you the opportunity to create a collage of memories on your wrist!

  • A bracelet with your boyfriend’s birthstone or a charm that reminds you of your sister is so sweetly sentimental.
  • A bangle with an inspirational quote can help you power through your workday.
  • A classic tennis bracelet is a timeless heirloom piece to be loved by generations

While it’s certainly fun to layer bracelets upon bracelets for a dramatic, yet sophisticated look, be mindful of where you wear them. If you’re at the office and typing a lot, you might annoy your coworkers with your bangle jangle!


4. If you’re always on the go, pick a bag that fits at least all your everyday essentials.

A proper handbag shouldn’t just look cute; it should be functional, too.

  • Look for a bag with multiple compartments so you can keep all of your items organized.
  • If you’re always bringing work home with you, consider an option with a laptop sleeve.
  • Neutral colors are usually the way to go so that your bag always matches your outfit.

If you’re constantly running from one place to the next, invest in a bag that doesn’t overwhelm you in size, but fits all of your essentials easily.

5. A colorful clutch can complement a date night look.

For a special occasion where you don’t need to bring too much with you, a colorful clutch can be just the pop of cheer your look needs. 

  • A printed envelope clutch brings some energy to an otherwise basic outfit.
  • An elevated leather or faux leather drawstring bag provides the perfect rocker edge.

Choose a style that picks up the colors in your outfit to tie the whole ensemble together.

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6. A classic baseball cap is the perfect sporty accessory for athleisure looks.

Baseball caps aren’t only meant for watching the big game! They can be the sporty finishing touch for any athleisure outfit. Wear them for a day of errands to a casual Sunday brunch.

  • A neon baseball cap adds a jolt of energy to a black and white athleisure set.
  • Rep your favorite teams with a sporty cap.
  • Monogrammed baseball caps offer a cute, preppy touch.

7. Embrace the look of wanderlust with a wide brim hat.

    There’s a reason wide brim hats are loved by so many bloggers and social media stars: These trendy accessories aren’t just super cute, they’re also functional.

    • Style a wide brim hat with a flowing dress and neutral booties for a photo-ready, but comfortable, look.
    • A neutral hat instantly elevates a simple T-shirt and jeans, tying the whole outfit together.
    • On a hot summer day, all you need is a hat and a swimsuit to stay cool, and look cool.

    Choose a hat that isn’t too oversized, though, otherwise you risk letting the accessory look like it’s wearing you!

    Finishing Touches

    The right accessories can truly transform an outfit, so it’s important to choose wisely! Look for pieces that don’t just reflect the trends, but also feel special and meaningful to you. Your accessories accent your outfit with your unique flavor, so don’t be afraid to put yourself into your outfit.