How to Style Ripped Jeans: The Dos and Don’ts

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Blue Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans have the magical ability to add an effortless, cool-girl vibe to any outfit, but they can teeter towards sloppy if not styled properly! To help make sure your ripped jeans keep you looking polished instead of disheveled, we’ve put together all of our favorite tips for how to style this trendy staple.

Here are all the dos and don’ts for styling ripped jeans.

Do play with proportions.

When you’re wearing ripped jeans, don’t be afraid to experiment with proportions in order to make a truly show-stopping statement with your look.

  • Pair slim fit ripped jeans with an oversized coat and large sunglasses to give off serious movie star vibes.
  • A puff sleeve blouse looks fresh and feminine when styled with high waisted jeans and white sneakers.
  • Mix a cropped white T-shirt with baggy ripped jeans and black booties for an effortless take on a classic combination.

Blue Ripped Jeans

But, don’t wear too many baggy pieces at once.

Ripped jeans make an everyday look feel casual-cool, but pairing them with too many baggy or oversized pieces can make an outfit seem lazy. When you’re styling your jeans, keep only one or two parts of the outfit oversized–and be sure to balance the look out with other slim fit staples.

Do rock the Canadian tuxedo.

Yes, you can totally wear your jean jacket with your ripped jeans and, yes, it can look totally cool! Make the Canadian tuxedo work for the weekend by mixing your colors and being mindful of fit.

  • A light wash denim jacket looks fresh and cool when worn with a simple white tee and skinny ripped jeans in an ultra dark wash. Finish the look with black booties and a long necklace!
  • Layer a dark jean jacket over a bright colored hoodie and then add a pair of ripped white jeans and neon sneakers to give off strong, sporty vibes.

Don’t wear super tattered jeans with a super ripped up top.

Mixing too many torn elements can make you look like you’re starring in a slasher film rather than ready to take on the day! When mixing your denim, keep only one of the pieces tattered.

Do add a bit of flirty, feminine flair.

Jeans, in general, can make an outfit feel sort of rugged. Add a feminine touch or two to bring some flirty fun to your look.

  • A velvet hair bow tops a simple pairing of a T-shirt and ripped jeans. Neutral booties flatter your figure and bring a bit of height.
  • Style loose-fitting jeans with black pumps and a dark floral top for a sophisticated look you can wear to dinner.
  • Carry a sequin clutch with you to make a sparkly statement.

But, don’t go overboard with the glitter.

As with any outfit you style, too much girly sparkle can read as more “middle school concert-goer” than “sophisticated young woman.” Feel free to have fun with glittery accessories, but try to limit the look to only a couple of shiny pieces.

Do have fun with prints.

You can’t make a roundup of cute outfits with jeans without including some playful prints. Ripped jeans feel fresh and fun when paired with:

  • A pastel plaid shirt is the perfect springtime pairing for light wash jeans and crisp white sneakers.
  • Take a walk on the wild side by mixing a leopard print sweater with black ripped jeans and shiny patent leather booties.

But, don’t make it too thematic.

While playing with prints is a fun way to breathe new life into your ripped jeans, be careful when you mix and match. Dark plaids and baggy ripped jeans can be a bit too grungy, just as a leopard print top can feel costumey when paired with tattered tan pants.

Black Ripped Jeans

Do dress them up for date night.

When dressed up with tailored pieces, ripped jeans become a chic option for date night or dinner with the girls.

  • Bring effortless sophistication to your look by pairing high waisted ripped jeans with a structured blazer and pointy-toed pumps.
  • A crisp, collared shirt gets a kick of cool-girl style with light wash jeans and squeaky clean white sneakers.

But, don’t wear them to work.

Even though ripped jeans can get styled into outfits that are polished enough for a night out, there aren’t too many industries that’d find them appropriate for work. Keep the tattered pairs at home and, instead, wear your darkest wash jeans to the office.

Do have fun!

It takes a little bit of effort to make ripped jeans look effortless, but that’s the beauty of playing with fashion! The most important “do” for ripped jeans is that you have fun styling your outfits around them.

What are your favorite tips for how to style ripped jeans? Let us know in the comments!