How to Wear Booties with a Dress

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While fall and winter might be the go-to seasons to wear booties, they’re such a versatile type of footwear that you can truly style them with different outfits all year long! They also make up half of one of our favorite fashion combos ever: booties with dresses.

From styling them with a slitted maxi dress to topping off your look with a chic blazer, here are some helpful tips for how to wear cute booties with a dress.

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Find the perfect pair.

Before you get into styling your cute booties, start by picking a pair that flatters your figure and makes you feel like the most confident version of yourself! Keep in mind that different silhouettes serve different purposes, and a little bit of research up front can help you find a style that helps you achieve your fashion goals!

  • If you’re looking to elongate your legs, ankle boots with a heel can add height and help you carry yourself with more poise. You don’t need to commit to a sky-high heel, especially if you’ll be wearing these while spending time on your feet. A low, sturdy heel works just as well.
  • Neutral colors are not only flattering, but they are also extremely versatile. Black, brown and tan are super popular options. For fancier occasions, metallics like gold or silver are special options that go well with almost everything.
  • Rounded toe boots tend to feel more casual than their pointed toe counterparts, just as slouchier styles are more relaxed than slim-fitting ones.

When you’re exploring which pair of new booties to add to your collection, think about what you already have in your closet, as well as where you plan to be wearing your new shoes. If your new shoes are going to serve as a staple for everyday wear, you might pick a more casual option than, say, if these were your special occasion shoes. If you have a few different styles to pick from in your wardrobe, pull out the pair that best reflects the circumstances you’re dressing for!

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Choose your dress.

Once you have your shoes picked out and you know what type of occasion you’re getting ready for, it’s time to pick out your dress!

  • Mini dresses are really flattering and can easily be dressed up or down. A-line dresses are super cute on curvy figures.
  • While you can totally choose to wear a maxi dress with ankle boots, try to hem it so that it hits just above your ankle and consider a style with a slit up the side. The movement will help add dimension and lengthen your legs.
  • Don’t be afraid of prints and patterns! They offer the perfect opportunity to showcase your own unique vibe.

Trendy dresses come in all sorts of different silhouettes and styles. It’s most important that you find one that fits you well and makes you feel happy when you wear it!

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Have fun with layers and accessories.

Once you have the core of your outfit put together, it’s time to add the finishing touches! Depending on how simple or extravagant your boots and dress are, select layering pieces and accessories that fit the formality of the occasion.

  • Black boots and black tights are the perfect cold-weather combination. The slimming shade helps elongate your legs and looks especially nice with mini skirts! For added texture, you can experiment with sheer patterns, too.
  • For work or a special occasion, layer a blazer over a simple shift dress and pair with simple booties.
  • If you’d like to enhance your hourglass shape, cinch the waist of your dress in with a belt that matches your boots.
  • Remember that the simpler the outfit, the more you can play with accessories. If you are already wearing a show-stopping pair of over the knee boots, tone down the rest of your look so that they stand out.

The accessories you choose to wear with your outfit can help you tie your whole look together, but be careful not to combine too many pieces! Just like style icon Coco Chanel said, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.”

A Favorite Fashion Combo

There are tons of ways that you can wear a pair of cute booties, but styling them with a dress is such a chic fashion combo. For anyone looking to learn how to wear ankle boots with dresses, always keep in mind that it only takes a little bit of creativity to make so many trendy, special looks. Let us know how you plan to style yours in the comments!