How to Style a Maxi Dress

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What’s more versatile, practical and stylish than a maxi dress? Don’t worry...we will wait. The truth is, maxi dresses have to be one of the best styles we have in our closet because they can be dressed up or down for any occasion and they are comfortable, stylish and extremely flattering. What’s not to love about these cute maxi dresses?

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If you’re wondering how to make the most out of your favorite maxi dresses by creating trendy and flattering outfits, we have compiled our favorite styling techniques and accessories for maxi dresses below! These pointers will give you ideas on just how versatile your maxi dresses can be. 

a woman wearing a stay strong blush pink leopard maxi dress

Shoes to Wear with Maxi Dresses

Whether you get dressed with your shoes first or you think of them as an accessory, here are some of our favorite cute shoes to wear with maxi dresses. 

  • Sandals – The most ideal shoe to wear with a maxi dress would have to be a sandal. Sandals go well with any style and they are usually very minimal as opposed to bulkier shoes like wedges and sneakers. 
  • Heels – Whether you want to elongate your figure or you want to elevate a curve-hugging maxi dress, top your look off with a pair of heels. Wearing heels boosts confidence, which means not only will you look great when you pair heels with a maxi dress, but you will also feel incredible, too! 
  • Flats – Similar to sandals, flats also pair well with maxi dresses. 

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a woman wearing a so much to do red palm print maxi dress

Accessories for Maxi Dresses 

Like every other outfit, you are going to want to accessorize your maxi dress with cute accessories. Here are some of our favorites! 

  • Wide Brimmed Hat – If you are going for a boho chic vibe, we recommend topping off your favorite maxi dress with a wide brimmed hat. This will instantly elevate your maxi dress. 
  • Dainty Necklaces – Whether you love a maxi dress that has a plunging neckline or you enjoy something that’s more off the shoulder, topping off your maxi look with dainty necklaces will bring a touch of sparkle to any look. 
  • Statement Earrings – If your maxi dress is missing something, try throwing some statement earrings into the mix. These accessories are perfect for that maxi dress you plan on wearing during a tropical getaway or if you need to add emphasis to your outfit for a special occasion. 
  • The Perfect Handbag – Are you a small crossbody kind of girl or do you love a large statement tote? Either way, both of these bags look great with a maxi dress.  

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a woman wearing a stay strong ivory white leopard maxi dress

How to Style Maxi Dresses 

Maxi dresses aren’t one size fits all, which means that sometimes they may require additional styling to hug all of your curves just right. We love using these techniques to contour our maxi dresses to our curves or give them an entirely new look altogether. If you’re wondering how to tie a maxi dress, we will tell you all you need to know here! 

  • Knot Your Maxi on the Side – If you want to change the silhouette of your maxi dress to give it more of an asymmetrical or waterfall look, you can bunch up one side and tie a knot right below your knee. This will completely transform your maxi dress and flatter your figure. 
  • Add a Belt – Cinch your waist with a belt if you are wearing a baggy or flowy maxi dress. This is one of the quickest ways to change the silhouette of your garment while also adding a cute accessory. 
  • Create an Inside Out Center Knot – If you want to cinch your waist without a belt, flip your jersey or soft knit maxi dress inside out. Pinch either the center of the front of your dress or the back and tie a small knot. When you flip your dress back to the correct side, you will have a cool looking swirl in the center of your dress that will accentuate your curves. 

Layering a Maxi Dress

For chillier days, you may want to throw some layers on top of your maxi dress, which is not only practical, but it also makes for a cute look. Try pairing your maxi dress with these essentials. 

  • Cardigan – If you want to give your look a more laid-back and cozy vibe, try pairing your maxi dress with a cardigan. Prioritize cardigans that fall below your waist to balance out the proportions of the dress. 
  • Kimono – Kimonos add a whimsical touch to a maxi dress and are also very practical and comfortable for warmer days. 
  • Denim Jacket – Every girl loves their go-to denim jacket. And as it turns out, denim jackets pair exceptionally well with maxi dresses. 

We hope you have found inspiration and are excited about styling your various maxi dresses for summer! 

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