Chic and Comfy: Why Babydoll Dresses Are Your Perfect Cold Weather Go-To

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The ‘90s fashion revival is alive and well, and it’s that time of year where the cold is lurking just around the corner. Don’t worry though. That doesn’t mean you have to default to old sweaters and that same pair of leggings you can’t bring yourself to get rid of. Babydoll dresses are back with the resurgence of ‘90s fashion and we’ve got a collection ready just in time for the winter season. They’re a fashionable and warm option that will keep your drip up to date with current fashion trends without losing degrees while you’re out shopping. Babydoll dresses are back and they are the cold weather must-have.

They’re Comfy

We’ve all come across the never-ending battle: Do I want to look good, or do I want to be comfortable? There are too many times that I’ve had to make sure I look good at the cost of comfort, especially when it’s freezing cold. The struggle is real, as much as that meme is alive. That’s where our wide variety of babydoll dresses come in. The cold season is a time for soup, fluffy blankets, and comfy socks. It’s a time for comfort and joy! And that’s exactly it: not only are babydoll dresses fashionable, but they’re also comfortable! There’s been a bit of an expectation that to be on-trend and fashionable, you have to sacrifice your comfort. Thankfully, this dress allows for both style and comfort. Fashion is no longer the master of whether or not you’ll be out there shivering.

Easy to Style

Temperature and comfort aside, nothing ruins a night worse than the headache of finding the right outfit. Hours of people’s lives have been lost just trying to pick out the perfect fit. Thankfully, babydoll dresses fit just about any occasion and go great with a wide array of accessories. You can style a babydoll dress to fit your exact style. Whether your signature style is cute, romantic, edgy, or something in between, there is a way you can style your dress to fit your exact taste. And if we know how varied the ‘90s were, the “FOMO” can get intense when trying to stay true to the version of it that you love. For instance, if you’re into the witchy look, opting for a black long sleeve dress can provide a stylish way to express yourself. If you’re looking for a more grunge look, throw those converse on and choose a long sleeve version.  There’s no reason to feel forced into a single style with this versatile clothing staple.


I know. Imagine if you got a dollar every time we mentioned how warm these dresses will keep you. It would basically pay for the dress alone. But full disclosure: they aren’t all warm! There’s a huge variety of styles out there, and we’ll help to make sure you choose the right one. Luckily, long sleeve babydoll dresses are a thing. With a long sleeve dress, your winter options have just gotten wider. Imagine it’s a cold winter night, and it’s time for a night out on the town. While these babydoll dresses fit well with a lot of things, using a long sleeve babydoll dress eliminates the need to go rummaging for that perfect cardigan or sweater. Stay warm and get rid of the need for extra thought all with one piece of clothing. Who would have thought that it could be as simple as just making the sleeves longer?

Now that you’ve warmed up to the idea…

Now for the best part: where to find them! Shop Mint Julep’s babydoll dress collection now for a great assortment of regular babydoll dresses and long sleeve babydoll dresses. With affordable options and reliable shipping options, keep the ‘90s look alive and well while keeping warm. Remember: the ‘90s being cool doesn’t have anything to do with temperature.