Accessories That Will Take Your Fall Look to the Next Level

Posted by Shopthemint Team on

Autumn is a bountiful time of year. You have apple orchards and pumpkin patches throwing their doors open. Farmer’s markets are boasting fall harvests that are sure to make your soup season sing. We are given colors we can only see once a year as we watch the trees begin to change and the leaves begin to fall. For a brief time, however, we can enjoy these flavors and colors, and how they accent the world around us. Why not enjoy this natural celebration by celebrating yourself as well? The colorful and plentiful accessories of fall may be temporary, but that does not mean your accessories need to be. These are the fun, cute, and even sexy accessories that will take your fab fall look to a whole new level.

Draped in Jewelry

Your fall outfits should never go at it alone. Jewelry can add a glimmer of gold or silver to make your look sing. These extras may be small, but they have a big way of elevating your autumn look without going over the top. Everything from bangles, tapering layered necklaces, and gold hoop earrings or drop earrings can make a big first date impression or bring some “wow” to your night on the town with friends. Go for a more colorful and playful look by considering tiered tassel earrings or colorfully beaded necklaces and bracelets. From rings to earrings and everything in between, these accessories can be your best friend, by keeping you elegant and trendy, or displaying your fun side.

Brimming with Confidence

You know what mom always said: “If you’re going outside, don’t forget your hat!” And we could not agree more when it comes to breezing into fall with the finest haberdashery. A brimmed hat, plat scarf, or knit beanie can round out your favorite fall outfit ideas into a work of fall-loving art. That, and you also get to stay warm and cozy, while still looking oh-so-fine. Headbands are another great accessory! Not only does it keep your hair out of your lovely face, but it also means you don’t have to stow those locks away under a hat or in a beanie.

The Future Is So Bright

You’re going to need shades! Sunglasses are one of those women’s accessories we can’t live without. Not only do they protect your eyes and skin from the sun, but they can also make a stunning or cool impression. Look for frames that fit the shape of your face instead of extending past your temples, so you can continue to show off your features.

Buckles and Clutches

The right belt is not only essential and practical daily wear, but we also see it as the perfect touch that can bring so many ensembles together. A graphic tee tucked into belted jeans, or a simple cinch around a maxi dress’s waist compliments your body and shows off your silhouette. Once you have finished that look, though, grab your bag on the way out the door! Sophisticated clutches and trendy totes not only keep your essentials close and safe, but they can also round your look out, as well!

Your outfit is your canvas, and your accessories are your brushes. They bring so much life to the outfit you have already curated for the day or for the evening. We are proud to help you place those final touches, but make sure you jump on the collection soon, as these accessories blow away as quickly as autumn leaves on the wind. You won’t want to miss them!