This Season’s HOTTEST Cold Weather Trend: Winter Florals

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Wearing florals in the winter can be challenging when it comes to winter outfit ideas. The trees start to lose their leaves, the flowers go dormant, and the last thing on anybody’s mind are the blossoming landscapes of spring. And it’s normal that most people have florals associated with spring and sometimes summer, and generally not the colder seasons. We turn to calmer, more muted color stylings to match the subdued nature and blanket of cold that’s soon to keep you missing a warm blanket at any given moment. However, when styled properly with the right colors, such as navy and olive, florals can be a great addition to your winter wardrobe. There’s no reason that just because things get cold, you can’t make things feel hot.

Think About Color

As was said previously, it’s important to consider colors when wearing winter florals. The color choices are the first thing that anyone is going to absorb. It’s the big picture and first impression that people are given before they a get a chance to split threads, so to speak. So when you’re picking your color palette for the day, or night, think of jewel tones and dark, moody colors. Colors that really capture the vibe of a snow laden forest. If you’re going for something a little more relaxing, don’t be afraid to mix in some warm, dark red tones. What’s better than a fire on a cold night? Floral prints are unmistakably feminine, but the darker tones create a sort of dramaticism about them. Avoiding brighter colors, such as pastels, will help your style seem more on trend for the winter season.

It’s All About the Accessories

The base of an outfit is nice and all, but what’s the point of putting in the effort if you can’t have fun accessorizing? Accessories are like the seasoning and final touches to put with a great outfit, and ‘tis the seasoning indeed. The best thing about winter has to be the number of extra accessories that become available, and certainly necessary, when choosing our attire for the evening. Chic scarves, cute hats, knit gloves, and warmers of all kinds hit the market during the winter season. These are all perks of walking around in winter! Accessorizing is half of the fun of fashion. When accessorizing your jewel tone winter outfits, try wearing light color winter accessories. The color contrast will make your outfit pop!

Remember the Footwear

We’ve covered the upper body, but don’t worry. It’s most fashion lover’s favorite part: footwear. The first thing you’ll think of is probably the cold, and how to fight it while still looking good. So of course, it takes a bit of extra care and effort when choosing the perfect footwear. Your choice of footwear can really make or break an outfit. This isn’t just for florals, either! This is pretty much a universal rule for any season. But this does happen to be especially true for florals in the winter. Go for a dark color boot that blends in, or go bold and pair your maxi floral dress with silver combat boots (though that one isn’t for the faint of heart). Whatever you choose, make sure to stay just as warm as you are stylish.

The Top Down

From the smallest hairs on your head to the tips of your toes, the choices really are endless. But hey, that’s the fun of it. With countless color combinations, accessories, and pieces of footwear to choose from, you’ll never get caught in a bad fashion storm again. Be sure to Shop Mint Julep’s Thankfully Yours collection now to keep your palette fresh and fashionable.