What Is a Babydoll Dress? 9 Tips to Pull It Off

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Babydoll Dress 

If you’ve ever wondered what a babydoll dress is, you’re in the right place! Babydoll dresses fit comfortably across your shoulders, but are very loose from the bustline down. They’re swingy and super short, perfect for showing off your legs.

This flirty style was created in the late 1940s by the designer Sylvia Pedlar to respond to fabric shortages after the Second World War. While they originally started out as nightgowns, babydoll dresses are now made for the daytime. Since they don’t hug the body, they make for really sweet options for summer that look adorable and keep you cool, too!

The babydoll dress is super trendy for summer, but it takes a little bit of creative styling to make sure it’s grown-up enough and also doesn’t look too much like lingerie. Have fun with these nine tips to inspire your outfit planning!

  1. Tassel earrings add a playful touch that pairs nicely with the swinginess of a babydoll dress.

Tassel earrings are not only really trendy for 2020, but they also manage to feel youthful and playful–without teetering toward being juvenile. Let them peek out from under your loose waves, or slick your hair back into a sleek chignon for unexpected contrast.

  1. Solid colors are great for girls looking to lengthen their legs.

If you’re on the more petite side and are trying to give yourself the illusion of more height, printed babydoll dresses might be a bit too overwhelming for your figure. Stick to a solid color if you’re feeling bold. Brights like emerald or cobalt are perfect!

Playful Playlist Black Tie Dye Babydoll Dress
  1. Black and white tie-dye make an unexpected but totally cool color pairing for summer.

Tie-dye is a major trend for 2020, and a black and white option feels like something an edgy city girl would wear on her way to art school. Finish off the look with a pair of platform sneakers and big, black sunglasses for the ultimate street style-inspired outfit.

  1. Step into style and show off your gams with a pair of cute, printed sandals.

Babydoll dresses are really flattering because their short length helps to highlight your legs.  Cute sandals with monogrammed details or in fun prints like leopard give you the chance to get a little flirty. Finish the outfit with a crossbody bag and a pair of statement earrings for a look that’s instantly ready for date night.

  1. Be mindful of your undergarments, and maybe wear a pair of bicycle shorts underneath your dress.

The short length of a babydoll dress is what makes it adorably flirty and feminine, but it also creates a little bit of risk on windy days. To feel more comfortable when you walk out the door–and hopefully avoid having a Marilyn moment–put on a pair of white or neutral bicycle shorts underneath your dress.

  1. Style your hair into a sky-high ponytail to balance out the bounciness of a babydoll dress.

Babydoll dresses have such a fun swing to them when you walk. To add to that playfulness, pull your hair back into a high pony and tease the pieces at the crown of your head. You can even clip on a ponytail extension for a little extra fun. You’ll turn heads in the best way.

Keeping You Happy Rose Dust Pink Babydoll Dress
  1. Pair delicate jewelry together for an outfit that feels super feminine.

Babydoll dresses are naturally on the girly side. Play up this sweetness with layered jewelry. Thin hoop earrings pair nicely with a long charm necklace and don’t distract from the dress. Complete the look with loose, wavy hair and a generous swipe of rosy lip gloss.

  1. Top things off with a cute and traveler-inspired wide brim hat.

There’s something a little boho–and a lotta influencer-chic–about styling a wide brim hat with a flowy babydoll dress. To keep the airy outfit appropriate for summer, stick to a hat in a natural material and color. This outfit is especially nice for beach days because it helps keep you covered from the sun.

  1. Layer one over a pair of tights when the weather starts getting cold.

Let’s face it, summer won’t last long. For a mod, ’60s-inspired ensemble for fall and winter, add a pair of opaque black tights and solid black pumps or booties. It’s super flattering and also keeps you covered.

Short in Length, Big on Style

The babydoll dress may be small and swingy, but it can have a big impact on your summer style. In a flattering color and styled with the right accessories, it’s the perfect staple to add to your warm-weather wardrobe.