What Is a House Dress?

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Have you ever heard of the term house dress? While the term isn't a new one and the style also isn't new on the scene, we're starting to hear a lot more about the house dress in fashion— for many reasons. 

One of the largest reasons is quarantine. Because we spend so much time at home, people have been getting more creative when it comes to what they wear while lounging or working from home. And while sweatpants are great and super comfortable, they're not so great for productivity or confidence. Studies show that people who got dressed regularly even though they were working from home had higher confidence and productivity levels than those who stayed in their pajamas. And while getting dressed to lounge around at home or work from home sounds like a great idea, it's not the most convenient—nor is it the most comfortable. And this is exactly why the house dress has become so popular. Not only is the house dress extremely practical, but it could also boost your confidence. 

So What Is a House Dress? 

A house dress is an elevated pajama, basically. House dresses usually come in a variety of really soft and comfortable fabrics and may closely resemble your average pair of jammies. These dresses can look as minimal or as elegant as you'd like them to. You can also find them in more luxurious materials like silk or satin, which more closely resemble a robe. A house dress is meant to be worn around the house. And while there are house dresses made specifically as loungewear, you could also take pretty much any boutique dress in your closet and turn it into a house dress–that is, if it fits your comfy criteria!

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How Do You Wear or Style a House Dress?

We're going to share some of our favorite house dress styles, as well as some styling tips to make these dresses your own. Whether you already have a go-to house dress or you've been pulling some of your favorite summer slip dresses out of your closet to work as loungewear, we hope this style guide enriches your knowledge of house dresses and also shows you that there's more to loungewear than sweatpants and leggings!

  • Bold Prints–If you love bright colors and bold patterns in your everyday wardrobe, you should stick to rocking those bold prints when it comes to house dresses! From leopard to stripes and everything in between, you’ve got options!
  • Minimal Neutrals–Are you more of a minimalist? If so, you’re going to love neutral-colored house dresses that are simple and chic. 
  • Silky Materials–We love house dresses that feel good on our skin! If you’re the same, you’re going to want to fill your wardrobe with silky and satin house dresses. Not only do these feel good, but they look even better.
  • Different Lengths–Whether you like mini, midi or maxi fits, house dresses come in all different lengths. 
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How to Accessorize House Dresses

Let's look at some of our favorite ways to accessorize or style your house dress that will make your loungewear feel elevated and, most importantly, skyrocket your confidence.

  • Add Fuzzy Slippers–If you want to elevate your favorite house dress even further, add a pair of fuzzy slippers. We love pairing a satin slip dress with these luxurious and comfortable slippers for a day of lounging around. You’ll be feeling like a total queen!
  • Make It Cozy with a Cardigan–If you love wearing house dresses, but you get chilly while working from home, add a cozy oversized cardigan to your look. Cute cardigans make the perfect addition to your favorite house dress.
  • Dress It Up for Errands–If you are turning your favorite dresses into loungewear already, but you also have to run errands and don’t want to change, add cute accessories like gold hoop earrings or a statement purse. These accessories will turn your favorite dress turned house dress into a casual but chic look to run errands in. 

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Are you excited to build your house dress wardrobe? You should be! Your loungewear is about to get 10 times more interesting!