Style Basics: How to Half-Tuck a Shirt

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It seems like the fashion “it” girls always know how to achieve the perfect half-tuck with button-down shirts and a pair of denim. These looks are effortlessly chic and stylish while also looking laid-back. 

In our opinion, the half-tuck requires careful styling and there's certainly an art to it. So if you’re wondering how to master this style hack, stay tuned because we have some tips, as well as outfit ideas that look incredible with the half-tuck. 

What Is a Half Tuck? 

A half tuck is where half of a shirt is tucked into a pair of boutique jeans, skirts, pants and other bottoms. The style gives every outfit an undone and stylish vibe. The style hack has been around for quite some time, and it’s also evolved into a similar style called the “French Tuck,” which has been popularized by Tan France from Netflix’s Queer Eye. Regardless, the style instantly elevates casual denim while simultaneously making more formal pieces like a white button-down more approachable. You can half tuck virtually any kind of top—it doesn’t have to be a button-down or something that can easily be split into two sides. Some of our favorite tops to half tuck are sweaters, T-shirts and tunics. 

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How to Half Tuck a Shirt

  • Start with some of your favorite basic tops that are longer in length. This will give you more fabric to play with so you can create that effortlessly stylish look. 
  • Find a pair of bottoms that are either high-waisted or come up to a length that would allow you to half-tuck your shirt. We love wearing jeans, dress pants, skirts and shorts when we are creating a “tucked in” style. 
  • Tuck your shirt in! As you begin to tuck your shirt in, play with different tucks. You can fully tuck your blouse into your jeans and then start pulling out portions of the blouse to create the half tuck look. There are many different kinds of “half-tuck” techniques. So it’s important to find the tuck that feels and looks best to you. 
  • There are no rules! Your tuck can look however you want it to. So when you find the right look, stick to it. 

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Outfits to Half Tuck

There are so many possibilities when it comes to creating a half-tucked look. Here are some of our favorite looks to work this style into. 

  • Jeans and a T-shirt–Pair your favorite high rise jeans with one of your favorite cute graphic tees. Your half-tuck can either be front and center or it could be off to the side for a unique look. 
  • Slip Skirt and Tee–If you want an outfit that balances polished with laid-back, pair a cute skirt with your favorite t-shirt. For an undone look, half tuck your t-shirt to the side.
  • Dress Pants and a Button Down–If you’re going for a chic stylish look that’s perfect for your 9-to-5 job, try a pair of dress pants with a half-tucked button-down shirt. While this may look undone, you can give the outfit some structure and polish with a sleek pair of heels. 
  • Jeans and a Button Down–This is every fashion influencer’s go-to style. The oversized button-down shirt paired with destroyed denim and a statement heel is a look that’s definitely not overrated. 
  • Mini Skirt and a Sweater–If you’re looking for a cute and laid-back outfit that’s perfect for winter, we suggest pairing an off the shoulder sweater with a high-waisted mini skirt and a pair of boots. Tuck half of your sweater into the front or side of the skirt. This has to be one of our favorite half-tuck looks, to be honest! 

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Are you ready to turn your style up a notch? Now that you know how to create the perfect half-tuck—and know which outfits look best with this technique—you can go forth confidently. 

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