WFH Wardrobe: Comfy Work From Home Clothes

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Whether you’re new to working from home or you’ve been a remote employee for a while, it’s never the easiest to strike the perfect balance between comfort and professionalism with your WFH wardrobe. Thankfully, there are many great outfit options out there that look appropriate and feel great to wear.

From fancy-looking loungewear to statement-making accessories, inspire your latest looks with these tips and ideas for comfy work from home clothes.

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Of all the pieces of your WFH outfit to pay attention to, tops are extremely important because most people will only see you from your shoulders up. Especially if you’ll be presenting online or logging in for a day of video conferences, your tops are super important. Try your best to look for cute tops that fit you well and make you feel confident.

  • Opt for a bright color to stand out, but keep in mind that prints and patterns can sometimes be distracting on a screen.
  • Tie-dye is such a trend right now, but go for a top with muted colors like peach and lavender.
  • Tie-front blouses are comfortable to wear, but look extremely professional.

Unless you work in a formal business environment where suits are still the norm, you can probably save the button-down shirts for a very important video interview.

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Pants that dig into your waist are never comfortable, but for some reason, they feel even worse to wear while working from home. While people generally won’t see what you have on your bottom during the day, keep in mind that you might have to stand up at some point during a video call and wouldn’t want to give anyone a view of your undies!

  • Joggers are loungewear, but they really don’t look like it. Rock this trend for the look, but love it for the elastic waistband that keeps you at ease while sitting at your makeshift desk all day.
  • Basic black leggings are understated and can easily be mistaken for a pair of dress pants. They really go with everything and are a great choice for when you’re short on time.
  • Some people pass judgment on those who wear jeans when working from home, but if a stretchy pair helps bring a little normalcy to your routine, why not?
  • Biker shorts are trendy and particularly work (from home) appropriate. Pair them with a belted top for a celeb-inspired style.

If you’re feeling really fancy, you can dress up a look with a high-waisted skirt. Sometimes it’s fun to dress up for yourself!

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As with any outfit you’d wear to the office, the right accessories can completely transform an outfit. Pull a comfy work from home outfit together with little to no effort at all using trendy accessories that make an impact.

  • A cushioned headband draws attention to your face, and it is a great option for running a meeting.
  • Bold earrings offer some color and excitement to your look, especially when your hair is tied back.

When choosing your accessories, be mindful of pieces that might be distracting on video calls. If your earrings jingle when you move your head or bangles clink when you type, it might be best to save them for another occasion.


While it might be tempting to hit the alarm clock, stretch your arms above your head and start answering emails from bed in your PJs, blurring the lines between sleeping in and having a productive morning can be risky business. While pajamas-as-clothing might be a big trend lately, it’s important to distinguish your outfit from what the clothes you slept in the night before.

  • Pick a pair of silky pajamas that feel luxe and elevated.
  • Accessorize thoughtfully with a chunky chain necklace or sparkly earrings.
  • Be sure your hair is brushed and your makeup is clean and polished.

Comfort is key for any WFH outfit, but for the sake of yourself and others, it’s also important to not look like you’ve just rolled out of bed!

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Look Cute, Stay Comfy

When planning out your WFH wardrobe, pay attention to how each item makes you feel and plan your outfits for both fashion and comfort. We hope these ideas will help you build your perfect, comfy capsule collection for your closet!