Summer Style Tips: Know What Shoes to Wear with a Romper

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platform sandals dusty mauve

Rompers are a wearable wardrobe staple. When styled well, they serve as the base for looks that are both playful and ladylike! It might seem like a challenge to figure out which types of shoes go best with cute rompers, but it’s not an exact science and really only takes a little bit of creativity to strut out the door in something special.

Here are some tips for what shoes to wear with a romper.

Think about the occasion.

Before anything else, think about where you’ll be wearing your romper. This isn’t specific to rompers, but it will help you eliminate more than a few shoe options right away. If you’re going to a picnic in the park, spiky stilettos will have you sinking into the grass. Heading to a fancy dinner party? Flip flops probably won’t fly. As with any outfit, it’s important to match the nature of the occasion.

Go into sport mode with a white pair of tennis shoes.

For the perfect mix of feminine frill and sportiness, style a floral print romper with a crisp pair of sneakers. Pick an option with bottoms on the shorter side for a flirty and sophisticated look that doesn’t feel juvenile. Sneakers will keep your feet comfortable, even if the night takes you on a long walk with your significant other.

Graduate from flip flops to a sleek pair of metallic gladiator sandals.

Gladiators came on the fashion scene (after a centuries-long hiatus) over a decade ago. They still continue to be a popular footwear choice for trendsetters. Instead of wearing flip flops that risk looking casual and almost frumpy, upgrade to a timeless pair of gladiator sandals in a shiny metallic tone.

Classic black pumps

Classic black pumps are sophisticated.

If you really want to dress up a romper, black pumps are the way to go. They’ll instantly elevate a sparkly or blousy floral style. Finish the look with a cat-eye swipe of black liner and a crossbody bag.

Walk comfortably and add height in a pair of cork sole wedges.

You can wear a pair of wedges with basically everything in your closet. They really are that versatile! These sweet sandals are comfortable enough for walking. Whether you’re strolling with your significant other or the family, they can also successfully dress up any look. You can opt for a neutral color, or go bold with bright pink or yellow straps.

Elongate your legs with a pair of high heeled sandals.

Sandals are at the top of the list of cute shoes for summer, and they’re a great match for frilly rompers made of materials with movement. When looking for heels, consider a nude pair to help lengthen your beautiful legs. Or, experiment with a uniquely structured silhouette, like a slingback or ball heel to add some visual interest.

Ground your outfit with a pair of square toe mules.

Square toe mules are a major fashion trend right now. A great way to ease into wearing these unique sandals is to match a simple black or white pair with a crisp, tailored romper. Keep accessories to a minimum so that the focus is on the statement-making piece of footwear.

platform sandals

Grow a couple of inches in a pair of platform sandals.

Platform sandals are a fun reminder of 70s disco and they balance out a romper in the sweetest way. To avoid feeling too costumey, and effectively bring the look into the 21st century, search for styles with natural elements like an esparto rope sole. Tie your hair into a high ponytail and wear some large hoop earrings that offer the flirty touch needed to finish the ensemble.

Always dress for comfort.

No matter where you’re planning on wearing your romper, be sure you’ll be able to get through the entire event without feeling like you need to take your shoes off. When choosing footwear, take comfort into consideration and opt for styles that you can wear for hours on end without hurting your feet.

Stylish Summer

Cute rompers are the perfect staples to add to your wardrobe of effortless summer styles. They’re flattering and so easy to dress up or down. It’s no surprise that so many of us have a closet full of ‘em!