Tis the Season: 3 Fun Ways to Style Christmas Graphics

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christmas outfit

The Christmas season only lasts for so long, so take advantage of the festive fun and enjoy Christmas clothes for more than just the holiday parties. Graphic tees and sweatshirts are fun and versatile clothing items that can be styled for many different situations. Dress them up for work or other functions, or be cute and casual for everyday errands—you aren’t limited to just one choice!

Outfits with Christmas graphics are a great way to get in on the holiday cheer without going over the top with singing bling and flashing sweaters. They also have the benefit of always being comfortable—no snaps, hooks, or other contraptions to deal with throughout the day—while still being cute and trendy. Add the bonus of being easy to clean, and graphic tees become an essential part of any wardrobe all year round. Layer and coordinate to your heart’s content this Christmas season with these four fun ways to style Christmas outfits. 

christmas outfit

French Tuck

Tee shirts and long sleeves are so comfortable to wear all the time but it can be a little frustrating to have a longer shirt cover whatever cute pants or skirt you are wearing. One way to get around that issue is the French Tuck. Take the front hem of the shirt and tuck it into the front waistband of your bottoms. This shows off what you are wearing while creating a little more definition around the waist.

If you want to accentuate the waist more than the French Tuck allows, consider tying a knot in the hem instead, either by wrapping the hem around itself or tying two ends together. It pulls the shirt in at the waist and brings the hem high enough to show off our pants or skirt, creating a trendy look with just a tee shirt.

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Blazer and Cut Offs 

Want to dress up your favorite Christmas tee a little? Pair it with a blazer. Blazers automatically give any outfit a sophisticated feel without being uncomfortable or over the top. They also come in a wide variety of colors, so you don’t have to worry about finding one to fit your unique style. 

Once you have picked your blazer, a pair of cut off jeans will compliment the cool and confident look. Tuck in your shirt or leave it to hang free—whichever is the most comfortable for you. Finish the outfit with your favorite pair of low heels, and you have a Christmas outfit ready for the office or a party. 

christmas outfit


Skirts, no matter the style, are a great go-to for wearing with your favorite tee. Since they come in such a wide variety of types, finding one to pair with your graphic tee is a breeze. Even graphic sweatshirts can go well with a circle or skater skirt. Add some tights or leggings to combat the cooler weather and you have the perfect Christmas clothes for the holiday season. 

Tuck a tee into a longer, pleated skirt for a more formal look, or, if you are feeling flirty, try on a shorter A-line style with your tee. Once you have the skirt picked, you can pair with strappy heels, flat mules, or even ankle boots for a trendy look this Christmas. 

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