Christmas Enthusiasts: 4 Chic Ways to Wear Christmas Earrings

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Christmas earrings

Christmas is coming, and with it comes the season of holiday parties, peppermint mochas, and cozy sweaters. The day after Thanksgiving (or earlier, for those who are really enthusiastic), out come the festive lights, trees, and red and green everything. Holiday enthusiasts will be pulling out their favorite earrings for Christmas to deck not just the halls, but their ears as well.

While nobody wants to look like that one grandma we all know who wears the light-up singing sweater every year, there is nothing wrong with having some fashionably festive fun with jewelry. Christmas is only once a year, so why not embrace the season and enjoy looking adorable at every event and party this December? Here are a few chic ways to best display your Christmas earrings this year.

Christmas earrings

Wear White

When wearing a statement piece, like these beautiful Christmas Tree Earrings, the idea is to attract attention to the item, not blend into a cluttered appearance. Wearing a solid color top will help accentuate the intricacy of the jewelry without creating too busy of an outfit. 

A stunning contrast to any brightly colored holiday accessory is white. Bright white or cream, sweater or dress, the clothing item doesn’t matter so much as the beautiful expanse of white. White outfits allow your earrings to visually pop in the best way. Imagine these bright red Poinsettia earrings with a soft white sweater—and what a beautiful contrast they would create!

Christmas earrings

Good Old-Fashioned Christmas Sweater

To really make a festive statement, pair earrings like these beaded Santas with a traditional Christmas sweater. Not all Christmas sweaters are made equal, and they certainly aren’t all the shocking ones featured in ugly sweater contests across the country. 

A gentle pattern of snowflakes in red and white or other similarly tasteful sweaters make wonderful additions to a holiday wardrobe. Styled over leggings or a simple skirt, a Christmas sweater and eye-catching earrings will make one fantastic outfit for casual dress parties this holiday season. 

Christmas earrings

Christmas Makeup

Now is the time to really own those eye shadow colors and glitter that are rarely used through the year. Color themed makeup can still be tasteful while being bright and eye-catching. Green sparkly eyelids and luscious red lips shout Christmas—without overdoing the look. Pair with decorative wreath earrings to finish the outfit. 

For those with an adventurous air and a steady hand, white eyelids with delicate red pinstripes and glittery lips is a look designed to be delicious. Finish with a favorite pair of Candy cane earrings to complete the sweet style.

Christmas earrings

Subtle Sequins

Turn heads at formal Christmas parties with a shiny sequin skirt or dress that accentuates your shape. These beaded ornaments will look gorgeous when worn with sequins, providing the perfect accent piece to a stunning outfit. 

Shimmer your way through the holidays with a unique style all your own. Trendy doesn’t have to mean complicated. Throw on your favorite pair of Christmas earrings and shimmy into your favorite skirt to make an unforgettable holiday outfit. 

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