Oversized Looks to Love: Why Fall Tunics Are a Must-Have

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Comfortable, roomy, and on-trend, here’s why tunics should be in your wardrobe now.

Who doesn’t want to feel comfortable in their clothes? Wearability is all about feeling good and looking good. When it comes to a perfect blend of comfort and style, tunics are the go-to. There are many reasons why baggy clothes have become a fashion industry staple. From the runway to your closet, tunics are showing up everywhere. So, what makes them so loveable? Read on. 

Figure Flattering

Longer than the standard top, tunics for women are among the most flattering shirts on the scene. No matter the body type, the popular look suits almost everyone. They come in a variety of different styles. From pockets and empire waists to cowl necks and tiers, tunics are virtual chameleons. Slimmer fits are available for those who want to show off more than cover up. Those who prefer it the other way around can select a more free-flowing, wider-cut design. 


One of the best things about tunics is their versatility. You can wear them just as easily in the fall and winter as you can in the spring and summer. Composed of a variety of fabrics, the tops can range from warm and fuzzy to light and airy. Those with button-down V-necks allow for ample airflow, keeping you cool during warmer months. And, if you’re feeling chilly, many tunics come with turtlenecks for a cozy wearing experience. 


Thanks to their manifold designs, tunics can be both casual and chic. Oversized clothes don’t have to be strictly casual, and there is a place for tunics in any type of wardrobe. Most think that relaxed-fit clothing can’t be chic. But when it comes to tunics, there is plenty of room for elegance. First of all, the length of the top creates a dramatic flair which can work well for an evening out. Pair it with your favorite jewelry, jeans, or a skirt and you’re ready to do the town, in comfort and in style. 


Tunics are a designer’s dream and a fashion-lovers delight. Because they come in a variety of colors, fabrics, and designs, you can wear them almost anywhere. Not all tunics are created equal, and many can be worn as a gym cover-up or while out on a walk or jog on cool mornings. Their level of comfort and durability make them a great choice for activewear. Pairing perfectly with leggings, tunics offer the wearability to keep up with an active lifestyle. 

Perfect for Accessorizing 

Tunics love to be dressed up! They are also a great canvas for all of your accessories. Since they come in a variety of colors and designs, the possibilities are endless. From stylish hats and bags to your favorite pieces of jewelry, tunics pair well with everything. Because of their versatility, they can be dressed up or down, allowing the wearing to create a look all their own. They can work with boots, heels, ballet flats, and even running shoes. When you begin with a tunic, it's easy to accessorize. 

What’s Not to Love?

Since tunics are so impressive, they make great fashion sense. The ways to wear them are numerous and there really is no wrong way to do it. Not only do they work well for every body type, but they are also extremely versatile and season-friendly. Able to be worn year-round, tunics have become one of the most popular fashions for the chic, sporty, and altogether trendy woman. And if you love to wear jewelry, they are the perfect foundation for necklaces both long and short. From hats to bags and everything in between, tunics are a must-have--especially tunics straight from The Mint Julep Boutique.