Calling All Fall Lovers: How to Style Plaid this Fall

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Fashionistas everywhere are planning their fall looks. Here are some great tips for styling plaid. 

When the air is crisp, there’s nothing like cozying up in your favorite plaid fashions. From the classic design to the endless versatility, plaid pieces are wardrobe staples. And, while they often range between sleepwear and casual, plaid outfits can also be dressy, fun, and fashionable. The secret to looking polished in plaid is finding the look that suits you and then wearing it well. Every year, a kaleidoscope of jackets and scarves announce the arrival of cooler weather. Because plaid is always on-trend for fall, it needs to stay fresh and exciting each time.

Perfecting the Poncho

The plaid poncho is one of the most popular looks for fall. It gives wearers a warm and fuzzy feel without compromising style. How exactly do you style the piece? First, denim jeans are always a wardrobe staple and pair perfectly with the rustic look of a poncho. But don’t just stop with blue denim. Black or white jeans can also compliment both dark and light shades of plaid. Ponchos can also be belted, giving your style more feminine flair. Wear them over long or short-sleeved tops with both high and open necklines. 

Show Off the Scarf

One must-have piece in any fall wardrobe is a plaid scarf. All of the designer brands market the pattern, and they are seen on runways and fashion magazine covers worldwide. When it comes to style, endless opportunities exist. An infinity scarf looks comfy and classic over a long-sleeved tunic-length top. Pair this look with your favorite jeans and boots for an instant fall-ready look. Long scarfs can be draped over a full-length coat and shorter pieces can be tied about the neck with a side-knot, making for a fun and flirty look. 

Don't Skip the Skirt

The plaid skirt is one of the most classic looks on the fall lineup. While they might look intimidating at first blush, they’re actually quite simple to style. In fact, simplicity is a plus when it comes to complimenting the skirt. A basic white long or short sleeve tee pairs perfectly. Also, think about wearing a blouse if you're looking for a more professional look. You can even wear a solid-color jacket to pull the entire look together. 

Dress Up

It’s time to take that plaid dress out of your closet. When you feel like wearing something cozy and light, go for the dress. It is one of the best choices for those warmer fall afternoons. Style them with your favorite pair of boots, and you can even add a matching belt and purse for a harmoniously balanced look. Don’t be afraid to go for that wide-brimmed hat either. It makes a trendy statement that speaks volumes. 

The Shacket

Nothing says fall like a plaid shacket. The perfect combination of shirt and jacket leaves you with an array of styling possibilities. Go for that super cute look and wear it unbuttoned over a solid crop top. Pair it with jeans for an ultra-casual feel or layer it over a midi dress to feel fun and fresh. The versatility of a shacket is the perfect wardrobe staple piece for fall. 

Ready to Wear

Plaid prints are always at the center of the fall fashion scene. When a pattern has been in style for centuries, it can use a yearly upgrade. From ponchos and scarves to skirts and shackets, there is virtually no limit to what you can achieve. Have fun experimenting with some of these looks and get ready to welcome fall in style. Shop at The Mint Julep Boutique for the best styles of the season.