How to Wear a Scarf: 8 Ways to Bundle Up in Style

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coffee break scarf

The scarf is a simple accessory that can add warmth–and style–to any cold weather look. With all of the different prints and patterns and materials available, it can be confusing to try to figure out which types work best with which outfits. If you’re looking for tips on how to wear a scarf, we’re here to help!

Here are eight ways to bundle up in style.

  1. Define your waist by belting a blanket scarf underneath your overcoat.

A blanket scarf is exactly what you imagine it is: It’s an oversized, often square shape scarf that resembles (and is nearly big enough to be) a blanket. A chic way to style this scarf is to fold it in half so that it looks like a giant triangle, drape it over your arms and then belt it tight enough to highlight the small part of your waist. Wear as your outer layer if it’s warm enough, or layer an unbuttoned overcoat on top.

  1. Loosely drape your scarf over your neck for an air of movie star chic style.

While it’s not exactly clear why celebrities wear scarves where it’s almost always 70 degrees and sunny, there’s no denying that they look really, really cool in them. For a super star-inspired look, loosely drape the scarf over your neck, tousle your hair and slide on your favorite pair of sunglasses.

  1. Give a bit of a western vibe with a handkerchief styling.

Can you think of an old cowboy movie where the hero masks the dust their horse kicks up by tying a printed handkerchief over their face? This is a similar styling, but with a much more urban and modern flair. To create this look, shift a blanket scarf so that it looks like there is a triangle from your shoulders pointing to your belly button. Loosely tie the scarf in the back (no need to cover your mouth unless it’s frigid) and you’re ready to take on whatever challenges lie before you!

plaid blanket scarf

  1. For a timeless and elegant way of wearing your scarf, do the simple loop.

You’ve surely seen this style before. It’s a classic for a reason. To make the loop, start by wrapping the scarf around your neck so that the two ends are behind you. Then, “loop” the two ends over to the front and gently pull until it feels snug but still comfortable. This styling goes well with any winter look.

  1. Tie your scarf into a loose bow for the ultimate feminine look.

Nothing feels more feminine than a sweet, flirty bow. To create this style, loop the ends of a thinner scarf around your neck so that they’re in front of you and then tie a bow just like you’d tie your shoes. To keep this outfit from looking too girly, try a pair of black booties instead of ballet flats and a leather jacket instead of a blazer.

  1. Be the definition of cozy comfort in a plaid scarf that feels as good as fireside snuggles.

Plaid is a timeless pattern that many people associate with keeping warm during the wintertime. Accessorizing your outfit with a plaid scarf is the perfect way to bring an extra layer of coziness to your look, and the pattern really pops against a solid black or gray winter coat.

white chenille scarf

  1. Wear it with a beanie cap to stay warm on even the most bitterly cold day.

Style should never come at the expense of comfort, so don’t forget to keep that head covered when the temperatures dip below freezing! A comfy beanie cap looks especially cute when worn with a fluffy knit scarf. While you can wear a matching set, you can also get creative with color and pattern combos.

  1. Simply drape the scarf over your shoulders and let it hang over your coat.

This style is perfect for a blanket scarf. It makes a dramatic statement over your coat and feels just like you’re walking around in the huggable warmth of an actual blanket. Keep in mind that this might not be the easiest style to wear on a windy day.

There’s nothing better than snuggling up with a cozy winter scarf, and we hope you’ve been inspired by these eight ways to bundle up in style! How do you plan to build scarves into your winter looks this year? Tell us in the comments!