How to Style a Sweater Dress - 2022

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The great thing about a sweater dress is... well, everything! You can style it however you like, pair it with whatever you like, wear it whenever you please, and select from an infinite number of textures, patterns, and colors. You are free to accessorize, plus on chilly days, you can use it as the basis for cozy layering. There are various trendy ways to wear this style for the fall or winter.

What Is a Sweater Dress?

A sweater dress is exactly what is sounds like. It's make of a cozy knit fabric just like a regular sweater but it's just longer. Which is why women from all over love wearing them throughout the chillier months of the year. They are so cozy and warm but still super feminine! Sweater dresses are a great option because they are easily styled in different ways every time you wear them. Sweater dresses are available in many different lengths and styles so you can choose the one that will flatter your body type the best.

How to Style a Sweater Dress?

Sweater dresses can be styled for a variety of events. Use your favorite sweater dress with these styling ideas to create some very stylish looks.

  1. Accessorize with Statement Jewelry

    Simple ways to elevate a sweater dress outfit include wearing a lengthy necklace or chunky bracelet. A striking silver or gold necklace can make a statement, or you might experiment with mixing metals and materials.

  2. Cinch Your Waist with A Belt

    If you are looking for a more defined and flattering silhouette then could opt for a trendy belt. This will allow you to highlight your feminine figure while maintaining all the same level of comfort!

  3. Play with Color and Texture

    Try sweater dresses with cable knit textures to add depth and warmth to our look. You can also style these cozy dresses with faux suede or leather knee high boots or maybe a trendy felt or wool wide brim hat. We love mixing textures and colors to create chic layered looks.

How to Wear a Sweater Dress?

  1. Add a Blazer

    Midi sweater dress can be dressed down with a blazer. Pair a plaid blazer with a sweater dress in a solid color, such as beige or grey, and complete the very chic look with a pair of ankle boots or stiletto heels. On very cold days, use a mock neck or turtleneck sweater dress.

  2. Wear a Denim Jacket

    For a cozy layered fall look, pair a sweater dress with a denim jacket. Add a pair of casual over the knee boots to complement this outfit idea.

  3. Layer with Long Pieces

    Layer your outfit by wearing a trench coat or long cardigan over your sweater dress, for example. Finish the look with ankle boots or white sneakers to make it as comfortable and casual can be!

  4. Style a Minidress with Knee-High Boots

    Mini sweater dresses reveal most of the legs when they reach mid-thigh. Wear your minidress with knee-high or thigh-high boots, a pair of tights, or black leggings to stay warm in cold weather. Choose a pair of faux-leather or suede boots in black since knit textiles go nicely with all these materials.

  5. Throw on A Leather Jacket

    A classic black leather jacket and a black sweater dress create an eye-catching monochrome outfit. Style a leather moto jacket over a bodycon or turtleneck sweater dress for a stylish date night look.

  6. Add a Wide Brim Hat

    Adding a trimmed hat can be the perfect accessory to bring out the color in any of your sweater dress outfits. Wide brimmed hats can not only add an extra texture to an outfit but they also dimension.


There are so many cute ways to wear a sweater dress, whether it is fitted, oversized, printed, or solid. If you haven't yet, we highly recommend that you try styling your sweater dresses this year with all sorts of different accessories and cute shoes. Hopefully, this blog encourages you to buy a sweater dress or helps you make better use of the ones you already own. But if you need a bit more persuasion, you can check out this blog on the sweater dress' versatility for the holidays! We invite you to shop our collection of sweater dresses here at The Mint Julep Boutique!