How to Mix Prints

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If you’re looking to add some new fall clothes to your closet this season, mixed print styles are all the rage! Whether you’re combining checks, dots or florals with stripes, colorblock or leopard, there are so many fresh and creative ways to style fall’s hottest prints together.

From keeping color palettes consistent to reimagining the definition of a neutral, here are some of our favorite tips for how to mix prints. 

Keep color palettes consistent, but play with sizing.

The single most important thing to keep in mind when experimenting with mixing prints for any season is the color palette. While you can totally combine all sorts of different sizes and designs of prints together, when they’re also in a kaleidoscope of colors, things can get a bit overstimulating.

Small delicate prints look stunning when styled with big, bold prints and even more so when they’re within the same color family. Think: keep warm tones together and cool tones together, or have one accent color against a generally neutral palette. Try to ensure that each piece has at least a couple of consistent colors. This creates a cohesive, intentional look that’s extremely sophisticated and chic!

Common combos of prints include:

  • stripes and florals
  • polka dots and stripes
  • stripes and checks
  • graphic prints and stripes
  • florals and paisley

Another fun way to take on this trend is by mixing the same types of prints with one another. For example, you can combine a large floral print with a ditsy floral print or marry together two bold graphic prints. It’s a little bit unexpected but still feels really put together.

neutral leopard print sweater

Remember that certain prints act like neutrals.

Even if you’re getting creative with the prints and colors that you mix, remember that certain types of prints can actually act as neutrals, making it a lot easier to pick other prints that will blend nicely with them.

  • While certainly sassy, leopard print is extremely versatile and surprisingly subdued enough to pair easily with other prints. You can style this print with anything from colorful florals to bold and beautiful tribal prints.
  • Snake print can be styled similarly to leopard print because of their similar color palettes. It’s a super trendy option for 2020 that’s destined to become a new classic!
  • Stripes are not only flattering, but they also make other prints pop. Whether you opt for a simple black and white pairing or tutti frutti colors, they have a natural go-to for print mixing.

Ease into the trend using printed accessories.

If you’re really into the idea of mixing prints but are a little worried it might be too bold a look for you, rely on accessories to bring an unexpected punch of visual interest.

  • Colorful leopard print shoes offer dimension against a bright floral dress.
  • A zebra print tote bag gives just the right amount of boho vibes when styled with colorful floral separates.
  • If you’re covering up in the wintertime, a printed scarf is a perfect layer to experiment with this trend.

floral tunic on woman

Pick pieces that do most of the heavy lifting for you.

While there aren’t really hard and fast rules for how to mix prints, sometimes it can be a little bit overwhelming to try to put together a pairing that feels just right. When you want to tackle this trend but would prefer a totally no-fuss option, look for some dresses or two-piece outfits that take care of the mixing and matching for you.

  • Fall maxi dresses make the perfect canvas for a collection of mix-and-match prints. Their flowiness meshes so well with everything–from a ditsy floral print to a bold colorblock.
  • Jumpsuits are instant outfits and often come in printed varieties. Look for one that features darker colors along the sides for a very flattering silhouette.
  • Combine two major trends in one look by choosing a two-piece outfit that incorporates multiple prints. Whether it’s a zebra stripe top and punchy floral bottom, or a mixed print that lives on both pieces, you can easily add some edginess to your look with a two-piece set.

Mixing Magic

Our cute fall outfits 2020 list of favorites certainly includes mixed print styles, and there are tons of different ways to make the most of this fun, flirty trend. Whether you’re planning out your own combinations or turning to some ready-made creations, have fun and make some mixing magic!