Fall Favorites: How Cardigans Can Help You Look Effortlessly Chic!

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Fall cardigan

The time is here! Crispy, colorful leaves cartwheeling through the air, cool mornings and mild afternoons, spiced coffees and apple ciders, and fire pits popping to life again. Autumn is one of the most comforting and flirtatious seasons that loves showing off its colors and playfulness, which means it is time to unleash your own fall goddess with one of our fall favorites: cardigans.

We cannot get enough of fall cardigans. After all, a goddess deserves a sweeping, chic robe to adorn herself as she ventures into the upcoming chillier days. Our collection of cardigans for the fall is not only here to elevate your style, but make your fall look effortless, breezy, and surely stunning. While sweaters and jeans are a classic and cute look, fall fashion has so much more going for it. This one happens to be one of our favorites and we sure it will become one of yours as well.

Why Fall Is Cardigan Season

Fall cardigans are great for this time of year; summer is still trying to hang on and winter is winking at you from the other end of the season. Because while your mornings and evenings may have a new chill to the air, the days can vary between warm or cool. That is where cardigans are such a boon: they can buy you time before busting out those bigger jackets, but can also layer with a summer look and some booties to keep you from getting too chilly or too hot, all while still staying cute and trendy.


Accessorizing a Cardigan

Cardigans and kimonos absolutely love accessories. Roll your sleeves up to show off bracelets and rings. Drape layered necklaces and pendants to compliment the long lines of your cardigans. Boots, pumps, flats, booties, even your favorite sneakers are exceptional accent pieces to consider! Because your luxurious cardigan or fab kimono drapes down your body and legs, the right shoe can be a great exclamation point at the end of your fall fashion statement.

A long cardigan or flowing kimono are wonderful compliments to any outfit. The silhouette is flowing and flirty, perfect for playing with the autumn breeze as it wisps around you. You can stay comfortable at home or running errands wrapped up in a cotton blend or hit the town in a linen or polyester flower graphic kimono. There is little room for a fashion faux pas with this secret weapon in your closet. Not that we recommend stopping at one, since different cardigans and kimonos can accent different ensembles so easily. We have a blast swapping them out with different looks!


Fanciful Styles

Bold patterns and daring designs mean all you need to do is throw on a tank and some jeans, and let the cardigan do all the work. Your favorite, comfortable look is immediately elevated by just this little bit of layering. Dainty lace or sheer floral kimonos speak instant boho-chic, especially paired with long earrings, hoops, and brimmed, earth-tone hats. An oversized cotton knit cardigan can combine chic and comfort easily for a casual look by the fire pit while enjoying smores.

As you can see, there are so many ways to play when it comes to this versatile must-have for anyone ready to say “farewell” to summer and “hello” to fall fabulousness. Whether you are snuggling up with a good book, breezing through your neighborhood coffee shop, or sprucing up for a night in the autumn evening air, you cannot go wrong with this effortless addition to your unique look. You will fall in love with fall—and your wardrobe!—all over again.