5 Tips to Styling Dresses This Fall

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Summer certainly was a blast, but we are here for the fall! This is our favorite time of year because fall attire is a total fashion powerhouse. Everything from jackets and shackets, to cardigans and flowing kimonos, pullovers, cozy sweaters, and of course: all the jeans you could ever ask for. You want to know who does not get nearly enough attention in the fall, though? Dresses! Midi dresses and maxis do not strictly belong to the warmer months of spring and summer, they have a unique and trendy place in the fall mix as well. While we will never begrudge a good jean, tee, and cardigan or jacket combo, we think you could thrive taking a leap of faith on this fab, flirty underdog this season. We have five tips to help you style and profile these fall maxi dresses.

Tip Your Hat

Top your look with the right kind of cap. Go for that boho chic vibe when you pair a knit beanie with a flowery, tiered maxi. You can even pop on a wide-brimmed earth tone hat for a more country look with flowing plaid, or a beige straw hat to give the perfect touch to a striped tank maxi. It’s the perfect touch!

A Layered Story

Maxi dresses for the fall don’t mean you need to retire that summer look. All you need to do is layer it up! Pull on a jacket and roll up those sleeves or wrap yourself in a sleek cardigan to add a little silhouette to that flowing maxi. Leggings and boots keep you cozy in the later fall months, but also keep you fashionable.

The Accent of Accessories

Small accessory pieces can make a big statement when you’re dressing up your maxi dress. They not only bring some bling to your fall look, but they can also reflect your personality as well. Layered necklaces and bangles are a fun, shimmery way to stand out, but can also take that comfy, casual vibe to an elegant level in a pinch.

Best Foot Forward

Midi and maxi dresses love boots and booties. The heel can give you a long, graceful look when coupled with the perfect dress. Boots and booties can leave feet shapely, especially as they taper to the toes. Leggings in the colder months can sweep right into the cuff so your beautiful shape and silhouette are never lost. Who says that warmer fall clothing can’t be just as flattering as summer wear?

Pattern of Behavior

One of our favorite things about these dresses is how versatile each piece can be. Earth tones and bold solid colors make a statement and provide perfect backdrops boosted by your wonderful accessories. We cannot recommend dabbling with patterns enough. Plaids paired with tall boots, a belt, a brimmed hat give you frontier vibes. Flowing floral with long chains, rings, and bangles unlocks your inner flower child, especially with a lace cardigan to bring the hippie chic look home.

Autumn is a magical time of year. Fireplaces are coming to life, soups and stews are bubbling on the stovetop, and a kaleidoscope of leaves crunch beneath our feet as we enjoy a walk in the brisk air. That is one reason we love curating these special dresses in our collection. Not only are maxi dresses comfortable in the fall, but they also just go together with so many fall favorites like boots, leggings, and jackets. Let this fall fashion-must be your must have this year, so you can dress up or dress down as you celebrate this wonderful season, and spin with the leaves should the inspiration find you.