6 Ways to Style Moto Jeans for Women

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Denim has been a staple in women’s wardrobes for decades, and while many new styles come into our lives every season, denim isn’t going anywhere. However, if you’re feeling tired of your usual go-to pair of jeans, you may want to turn your attention to moto jeans. This refreshing take on denim is giving every fashionista a chance to take a ride on the wild side. While the trend is more on the edgy side, everyone can embrace the style.

Before we dive in to how to style moto jeans, let’s discuss what sets these pants apart from your typical pair of denim jeans. Moto jeans—also called “biker pants” from time to time—usually come as a skinny fit and in a variety of washes, colors and textures. Instead of the smooth material you’re used to seeing in denim, moto jeans have raised lines and patterns that closely resemble clothing that motorcyclists or bikers wear as protective gear. This trend first started in men’s clothing, but the style has been toned down and passed down to women’s clothing. On some jeans, it can be hard to make out these subtle, edgy details from afar, but once you’re up close, the unique texture transforms any look. While the style could be deemed as “hard and edgy,” moto pants can also be extremely chic, depending on how you style them.

If you’re feeling edgy and want to indulge in a style that will bring your inner bad girl out, these are the jeans for you. We’re giving our denim a breather so that we can rock this new style. Here are our favorite ways to wear moto jeans.

Moto Jeans

All Black Everything

Because moto jeans have little details that set them apart from a pair of plain, black denim pants, you could style black moto jeans as a part of a monochromatic, all-black look without coming off as basic. The moto details add emphasis and often work better when paired with other articles of clothing that aren’t too busy. Plus, this outfit will look sharp.

Top It Off

Similar to your everyday pair of jeans, moto pants can be just as versatile. We think long tunics, cardigans and oversized sweaters look incredible with these curve-hugging jeans. Pair the denim with a cropped top and a moto jacket for a sexy night out on the town look.

Mix It Up

Moto jeans can be substituted for your go-to denim for any of the cute outfits with jeans you currently wear. Throw the jeans into one of your favorite looks and watch the whole ensemble transform. These jeans also work double-time for the office, hunny. Pair a sleek pair of black moto jeggings with a white button-up and black blazer for a scorching look that will give you the extra boost of confidence you need for that big meeting.

Moto Jeans

Bring on the Color

As mentioned earlier, moto jeans come in a variety of colors. So, if you have always wanted to dabble in colored denim, now’s your chance. When adding a pair of colored jeans to your outfit, keep the rest of the look simple and toned down. We don’t want too many colors clashing at once. Plus, these jeans will serve as the emphasis and statement of your outfit, so the rest of the look can be pretty simple. Aside from the many color options you may see with moto jeans, the different washes might also be an exciting thing to embrace. Moto leggings tend to go for a “worn” look, which could be fun to experiment with if your style is more prim and polished.

olive green moto jeggings

Moto Leggings, Anyone?

Surprise! Your new favorite moto jeans can also be leggings! The trend has also been spotted on your favorite legging styles for added comfort. When styling moto leggings, opt for a long tunic with some wedge sneakers or knee-high boots. So chic and comfortable!

All About the Shoes

Since moto jeans are just denim at the end of the day, they really can work with most of the articles of clothing you have in your closet. However, the shoes you pair these jeans with might be the most important equation of the outfit to solve. Stick with strappy heels, ankle boots or sleek sneakers. You could also pair this outfit with knee-high boots so long as the moto details are toward the top of the pants and aren’t being covered by the boots.