5 Style Tips on How to Wear a Kimono

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Do you ever get ready in the morning and stare at your outfit in the mirror for a couple of minutes wondering what could be missing? Well, we think we may have found the missing piece to your outfit puzzle. As we roll into spring, one of our favorite ways to complete an outfit is with cute kimonos. The incredibly chic accessory can transform any look and add that extra something your outfit may be lacking. Not only will kimonos be around for the spring season, but they can also be worn through the summer and into fall, which means now would be an ideal time to stock up on this ultra-chic trend so that your style game is untouchable!

The kimono has been around since the late nineteenth century and was first embraced as a staple of Japanese fashion and culture. But the garment has since evolved to become an accessory used in many different styles and looks—regardless of season. Kimonos are extremely versatile as they come in a range of materials, patterns and fits, making the style easy to embrace for every kind of fashionista. Some of the most common kimono lengths resemble that of dresses, and we will be referencing the blazer, maxi and midi fits in this style advice.

Woman in Kimono

Jeans + Kimono

If you’re looking to enhance your go-to jeans and tank top or t-shirt look, throw a kimono on as you walk out the door. If you’re styling a colorful kimono, keep the rest of your outfit simple in terms of color. A pair of light wash jeans with a white crop top would go perfectly with a bright floral kimono. This outfit is perfect for brunch with the girls, class or any other casual day activity. If you’re looking for a daring and sexy take on kimono and jeans, wear your kimono as a top. Tie it up at the waist and add a dainty necklace to accent the plunging neckline.

Dress + Kimono

If your style falls more on the whimsical side, then you need a mesh or crochet kimono with embroidered embellishments. These kimonos pair well with just about anything, but we love styling them with mini, midi and maxi dresses to achieve the ultimate boho-chic aesthetic. We would love to wear this outfit to a wedding, summer concert, brunch or a date night.

Dress + Kimono

Romper + Kimono

Rompers are usually an article of clothing that you don’t have to do much accessorizing with because they are already quite the statement on their own. However, if you’d like to pair a kimono with your favorite romper, we’re not stopping you! In fact, we think it would look incredibly chic. If you’re wearing a romper with a vivid color scheme, stick to a kimono that’s a little more basic so that it complements the romper rather than outshining it. However, if you do find yourself with a more muted romper, channel some spunk in the kimono.

While you can totally wear a maxi kimono with a short romper, try styling a cropped or blazer kimono with your romper. This pairing will help to elongate your figure—especially if you are of shorter stature—instead of drowning it out.  We love this outfit for a picnic, brunch, class or a day date.

black floral kimono

Jumpsuit + Kimono

The style guidelines for pairing a jumpsuit and kimono together closely follow the rules for every other garment above. However, this combo is rarer than the others, leaving fashionistas wondering if they can pull the pair off. You absolutely can! As stated above, kimonos are extremely versatile and there is a pattern, color and material out there waiting to be paired with any garment you desire. Maxi, midi and blazer kimonos can easily be paired with jumpsuits, but we love a blazer and maxi fit the most with jumpsuits.

The Accessory You Always Needed

There are many fashion accessories you can turn to when styling your outfit, but you may be overlooking kimonos as an option because they may hide behind layers and layers of clothing in your closet. However, we think a kimono could be just as valuable—if not more impactful—of an accessory as a necklace, bracelet or earrings. The next time your outfit seems to be missing something, look into your closet to add an extra layer of style.