What to Wear to an Outdoor Wedding: 7 Outfit Ideas

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It’s almost wedding season! Whether you have your wedding guest dresses lined up or you need some inspiration on what to wear to a family or friend’s wedding, we have plenty of ideas. 

When you attend a wedding, it’s important to abide by any dress code that there may be while also wearing something that makes you feel comfortable, beautiful and confident. There are so many potential activities to be had at a wedding so you also want an outfit that is going to allow you to be up for whatever the ceremony might bring. From giving a toast in front of many people to dancing the night away, we want you to feel radiant! 

So let’s check out some of our favorite wedding guest dresses and outfits that are perfect for almost any wedding ceremony.

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1. Maxi Dresses

Obviously, you can’t go wrong with wearing a dress as a guest at a wedding, but which style is best? We love cute maxi dresses that are neutral and flatter your figure. Whether you like a more flowy fit or something that hugs your curves more, the maxi dress is the perfect outfit to wear if you’re not sure what everyone else will be wearing. Stick to neutral colors and muted patterns for a look that blends in well with the crowd. You can also dress this look up with cute accessories like dainty jewelry or a statement bag. 

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2. Jumpsuits

If you are looking for more fashion-forward wedding guest attire, a jumpsuit could be a great option for you. Jumpsuits are also a great alternative to any kind of dress, which is most commonly worn at a wedding. We love thin stripes or floral prints, but you could also go for more muted colors and tones if you want a look that’s more versatile. 

3. Rompers

Rompers may not be ideal for every kind of wedding, but if you find yourself at a beach wedding, this may be the outfit to go to. Rompers are flirty and fun, and they're also just as versatile as a jumpsuit. But reserve this outdoor wedding outfit for a more casual or tropical destination wedding.

4. Lightweight Linens

Weddings in the summertime can get really hot and sticky. That's why we suggest wearing a lightweight linen dress or tunic. This fabric is going to keep you cool and it also looks really great at a wedding. Add a belt to your flowy dress or tap to look up with a pair of shoes.

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5. Floral and Print Dresses

Are you attending an outdoor wedding at a winery or a beautiful venue? If so, we love the idea of a trendy floral dress. A midi-length floral dress is the perfect hem for a wedding because it's not too long like the maxi dress and it's also not too short like the mini dress. You can dress the midi up with a pair of cute shoes like heels or sleek sandals. The floral print is also a nice touch, especially if you're attending an outdoor wedding. But make sure to review the dress code, as some weddings may ask guests to wear specific colors or patterns.

6. Babydoll Dresses

If the wedding you're attending is very chic and you want the perfect outfit to go well with it, we suggest a babydoll dress. We love this fun and flirty style for weddings because it's casual but it also gives off a dressed-up vibe. With this dress, you won't have to worry about whether or not you're overdressed or underdressed. You'll be right on par with everyone else.

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7. Black Tie or Cocktail Dresses

If the wedding you're attending is super swanky and the dress code is very specific, you will want to get dressed in your best cocktail or party dress. Choose something that hugs every curve just right. As far as colors go, opt for a luxurious color like jewel tones, red or black. Again, you'll want to pay attention to the dress code so you don’t end up wearing any colors that could clash with the theme of the wedding.

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Are you as excited about the wedding season as we are? We hope you're feeling confident in your wedding outfit choice! If you plan on attending many weddings this spring and summer, try to prioritize more neutral colors and versatile styles so that you can wear these outfits for multiple weddings. With a few styling tricks, you'll be able to diversify the looks enough so that each outfit can be unique to each event.