What Is Considered "Cocktail Attire" for A Wedding?

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What do you wear if you receive a wedding invitation and the dress code is wedding cocktail attire? The first thing you need to do is remove the worried expression off your face because it is easier to than you might think! Just take a deep breath and read on!

Cocktail attire describes an outfit that is appropriate to wear to parties and other semi-formal events. For women, that typically means dresses and heels, but it absolutely doesn’t have to! A cocktail attire dress code calls for something different from what you’d wear to super formal, black-tie affairs. In many ways, it gives you the opportunity to be fun, flirty and creative with your look!

Cocktail attire is a popular dress code choice for weddings and there are many different clothing choices for you to select from.

Since the stress of deciding what wedding guest dress to wear is probably not your favorite part of going to a wedding, your first reaction could be to wear whatever makes you feel the most at ease. You're lucky to have it down to one simple option, the cocktail dress, with so many wedding guest dresses to choose from.


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What Is a Cocktail Dress?

A cocktail dress is a type of dress suitable for most semi-formal events, such as cocktail parties or dressier weddings. It is usually worn with classic accessories, and is often in the late afternoon. These dresses usually end at the knee or just above it and they can be finished off with a stylish heel.

Cocktail dresses are flexible and may be worn to most occasions, even formal black-tie events, as long as they are stylish and follow the black-tie dress code. Cocktail dresses are equally stylish for weddings, award presentations, and event fundraising events.

Cocktail Attire for Men 

Men's cocktail attire should include a classy watch or nice pair of cufflinks, a good suit, a clean shirt, and a trendy tie or classic black bow tie. Men can complete their look with a trendy pair of shoes that stand out.

Any color or pattern is appropriate for the cocktail dress code because it gives you the freedom to express your personal style, however, you might want to avoid using unfashionable designs.

Men's cocktail attire is often simple. The only guideline here is to select lighter-colored fabrics during the warmer months and darker-colored fabrics during the cooler months.

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Cocktail Attire for Women 

Women should avoid wearing a grand gown or a miniskirt when choosing their cocktail dress. Although you might choose to look simple or extravagant, elegance is the look you're going for. Cocktail dresses are usually knee-length dresses, but could also be maxi or midi length or even elegant formal jumpsuits.

You must wear cute heels or elegant flats, and you can't go wrong with accessorizing with simple yet elegant jewelry. You can also use bold colors for your outfit or soften it with lighter colors. If you are not the bride, avoid using white and ivory colors, no matter what color you choose. Choosing white will probably lead to you feeling uncomfortable or feeling like you've made a faux-pas.

What Is the Definition of Cocktail Attire for A Wedding?

Cocktail attire is a wedding dress code that is between formal and informal while being stylish and also comfortable.

Your online shopping journey will be easy now that you understand the appropriate dress code for a "cocktail attire" wedding. Peruse one of our dress collections today to browse our selection of fashionable cocktail dresses!

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