The Free-Spirited Girl Guide to Style Spring Dresses

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There’s something in the air. The birds will be chirping soon. The frost is going to thaw. The flowers will be blooming and the sweaters go back in the attic. That’s right! It’s time to set yourself free and embrace the incoming warm weather. With the warmth also comes an excuse to plan the next great road trip or sunset beach trip. Nothing screams free-spirited more than spring dresses. 

It’s time to do some soul searching and update our wardrobes to suit the next great adventure. Here’s how to keep your style free-spirited and weather-ready when you break out those flowing spring dresses.


The first concern about spring dresses is how to stay cool. Springtime is filled with constantly fluctuating temperatures that trend upwards—as things move towards summer. Now, there are still going to be some residual chilly nights and maybe a few more bonfires in the early weeks. Keep in mind that sticking to car seats and running the gauntlet of blanks is right around the corner. There is no better way to stay cool and comfortable than a great assortment of spring dresses. Choose light, breathable materials to stay cool. You can always roll on some leggings or add a light sweater when nighttime gets chilly. 


Comfort is important. That is undeniable. That doesn’t mean that we should ignore why we’re here, though. When it comes to fashion, everybody wants to look as great as they feel. Luckily, with a solid set of spring dresses on hand, this is easier done than said (a rare instance). Pair it with a wide-brimmed flower hat and shades to look lavish while keeping the sun out of your eyes. Put on those sandals and a flannel to suit the next hike or flower-picking session. Regardless of the intention, spring dresses will always leave you looking great for any occasion.


Spring dresses look stylish and keep you cool. What a lot of people don’t know though is that dresses are also incredibly convenient. Spring dresses bring with them inherent notions of grace and beauty. Nothing could be more captivating than the flow of a dress on a gentle spring day. It will certainly catch the eye of any passersby. The great thing about spring dresses, though, is that they’re easy! Spring dresses are always a solid quick pick for something to slip on in a hurry. Capture all those notions of serenity for something as simple as running to the grocery store or grabbing a cup of coffee. 


Nothing says lighthearted and free-spirited better than white spring dresses. White is a color of purity and bliss. It’s simple, but at the same time, makes a statement. White dresses can catch the eye just as well as they capture sunlight. Compliment the sunshine peeking through canopies of freshly bloomed foliage with the perfect, white spring dress this spring. The fun bonus of this stylish image? It comes with all of the convenience and versatility mentioned above. Nothing says calm and serene like being comfortable, and there is no better way to do this than with white spring dresses.

Free to Roam, Free to Shop

Spring dresses are the all-around best option to capture the sentiments of comfort and adventure. Stay cool on your next camping trip. Stay calm and relaxed during your next wine sipping. Even keep a sentiment of beauty the next time you need to go pump gas. Whatever the occasion, The Mint Julep has the perfect selection of spring dresses to fit any scene. Shine bright and stay free-spirited—and take on the spring season with ease.