How to Dress Modestly in Summer - Modest Summer Outfits 2022

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What does it mean to dress modestly?

Dressing modestly simply means to wear less revealing clothing. Such as higher necklines, longer hems, and flowy fabrics. We understand not everyone wants to show off what their mama gave them! (No, shade if you do though! There is absolutely nothing wrong with that! Do you, girl!) But for those who want to cover more skin this summer, we have you covered! Literally!

How To Style Cute Modest Outfits

Fashionable Coverage

To stick within the modest fashion trend, you are definitely going to want more skin coverage. When it comes to tops, look for higher necklines or consider layering a lower neckline with a drop cami or cotton tank. The crop style and cotton fabric will keep this layering trick cool for the summer months. You will also want to look for tops with short sleeves over tank straps. Tanks tend to me more revealing than you may be comfortable with. But, if you do find a tank that you absolutely love, you can still layer it with a light linen blazer so you can have the best of both worlds! Once you have your top or blouse picked out, you can style it with either longer shorts, look for about a 5 inch inseam, or with white jeans or linen pants! This will create a very chic but still conservative look.

Fabrics To Help Stay Cool

When it comes to modest dress in the warm summer months, choosing the right fabrics is a must. Just because you want to dress modestly in the summer doesn’t mean you also have to over heat! So, when shopping for dresses, tops, and shorts make sure to look for cotton or linen fabrics. These are going to be so much more breathable and airy than synthetics like polyester. Although synthetics have come a long way, they are still more comfortable to wear in the summer time if they have the added sweat wicking properties which you will find more in athletic wear.

Shorts, Dress, and Skirt Lengths

You can still dress modestly while wearing a skirt, dress, or shorts! All you have to do is watch the lengths. Obviously, maxi and midi dresses will provide the coverage you are looking for. All you have to do with these styles is look for ones with higher necklines and sleeves. But for shorter dresses, make sure they hit right around your knee. This may take a few try-on sessions, especially depending on your height, but they are definitely out there!

The same goes for skirts. Midi and maxi skirts are very trendy right now which is fabulous for modest dressing! And just like with the dresses, finding a “short” skirt that fits your more conservative aesthetic will take some trying on to find that perfect knee length.

Shorts are a summer staple that no one wants to go without. So, longer inseams are a must for a more modest look. You will probably want at least a 5 inch inseam to get adequate coverage. These are a perfect choice for moms chasing little ones around for the summer time!

Find The Right Fit

When it comes to fit, whether you are looking for tops, dresses, or bottoms, look for something flowy. This will surely help in the summer heat. You can style flowy blouses with chic tailored shorts, white jeans, or airy linen pants for a very classy summer look. Flowy dresses are going to be a breeze to find! They are everywhere. All you will need to do now is sort through them to find one that covers the right amount of skin. *Pro-tip: babydoll/tiered cuts for dresses and tops are usually an easy way to filter for flowy fits


We know you may not think about accessories when contemplating a modest wardrobe but hear me out. It’s not about accessories being modest but about the added heat they can bring on. If you are already wearing modest clothing then a chunky necklace or belted waist may bring on added heat. We suggest you opt for simple/dainty necklaces if you feel you need a necklace but bold earrings are going to be a much cooler option to accessorize a full coverage outfit. On even warmer days you could even use a light summer hair/purse scarf to stay cool. All you have to do is dampen it and tie it either around your neck or wrist to help keep you cool while still looking very chic! You could also use a trendy hair clip to keep your hair off your neck and shoulders.

Collections to help curate a modest wardrobe

We have a few collections already created that feature some very trendy and modest summer attire. If you are looking for a beachy vibe, you should check out The Mint Julep Boutique’s coastal and linen collections. If you are looking for some staple pieces or basic items to help build a classic and versatile wardrobe, then our staples and basics collections are just what you need. These collections feature some of your favorite, conservative styles that will help keep you covered and cool this summer!



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