How to Cuff Jeans the Right Way

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Cuffed Jeans

So we’re totally into a much different kind of cuffing season this year, one that involves cute jeans and just a touch of skin! Whether you’re looking to hold off on hemming your pants or want to draw attention to your super cute shoes, there are so many reasons you might want to explore different ways to try this trendy style. There is a bit of art (and science!) to the process, and that’s why we’re here to help you out.

From picking the perfect pair of boutique jeans to getting that roll where it looks most flattering on your shapely legs, here are some tips for how to cuff jeans the right way.

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Start by picking the right kind of jeans.

When you’re shopping for jeans to cuff, our favorite cuts to consider are skinny jeans, straight leg jeans and more casual boyfriend cuts. If you have long legs, try a tall size so that you can feel comfortable you have enough extra length to cuff or roll the bottoms.

While you can generally cuff just about any kind of jeans, there are a few types that might look a little less natural. There are tons of beautiful skinny jeans for women out there, but when you’re looking for a pair to cuff, try them on ahead of time so that you can be sure they’re not *too* tight to roll. Flares are also a little bit more difficult to cuff and you might be better off styling a cropped pair of flares instead of attempting to roll a longer pair up.

Cuffed Jeans and black boots

Try out a couple of different kinds of cuffs.

Once you have your perfect jeans picked out, it’s time to start cuffing them up! While there aren’t any particular rules for how to start this process, a couple of guidelines are worth following as you attempt one of the most popular kinds of cuffs: one fold, two folds or the roll/scrunch.

  • One Fold: The one fold method of cuffing your jeans is exactly what you think it is: You fold your jeans up once all the way around, from the inside out! You can experiment with different lengths of a cuff, but a general rule of thumb is to keep the cuff on the smaller side when you’re styling it with most types of shoes. This type of cuff looks really great on skinny jeans and straight leg jeans. Severe, deep cuffs have an edginess to them and work best with high top sneakers or combat boots.
  • Two Folds: Two folds is the sister of the one fold cuff. Simply take your one fold and go one step further with another. Depending on how much ankle you want to show, you might want to keep each cuff on the narrower side. You can try the two-fold method on skinny jeans, straight leg jeans or even looser boyfriend jeans with a slouchier fit. This look is a little bit more casual than the one fold process and looks great with chunky sneakers or as the perfect counterbalance to glossy booties.
  • Roll/Scrunch: The roll (or scrunch) method is similar to the one and two-fold methods, but it’s definitely more casual than the others. Instead of making a more precise fold, you loosely roll the inside of the ankles of your jeans outwards and gently scrunch the remaining fabric up towards your calves. This style definitely has a bit of an ’80s vibe, especially when styled with cute ripped jeans in a loose boyfriend cut, but be careful to keep the rest of your outfit on the more polished side. Otherwise, this super casual look might end up looking a little bit sloppy.

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While you don’t have to purchase a ruler for the occasion, it is helpful to use a guide to ensure your cuffs or rolls are close to being even on all sides. An easy trick is to use the width of two of your fingers to check if each one is about the same. Be patient with yourself, and don’t be afraid to try a couple of different cuffing/rolling styles to see which type works best with your outfit.

Ripped and Cuffed Jeans

Jean Cuffing Season 

While winter is the perfect season to show off your cute boots and patterned socks, you can really embrace the cuffed jeans look all year long. Even though it doesn’t take much time or effort to master this super trendy style, a few practice tries always help!