Floral Outfits for Spring, But Make It Chic! (Here’s How!)

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Floral outfits aren’t just for your grandma anymore! No more are the days where the floral dress was tied to Sunday church events or weekend brunch dates. Floral dresses are in fashion and they are here for every spring occasion. Whether it be a late dinner out or even a fun party with friends, the floral dress has become an iconic staple in any fashion lover’s repertoire. Let’s take a look at how to take this recently neglected classic and put a modern flair into it. There’s nothing that a little added chic can’t do to make this a trending favorite for the spring season.

Match a Maxi Dress with Some Modern Accessories

Wearing a floral outfit can seem dated. But, when paired with the right accessories, you can put a modern, chic spin on it! Pair a gorgeous maxi floral dress with the right modern accessories and anything is possible. Nothing looks fancier than a wide-brimmed hat on a sunny day when paired with a maxi floral dress. Maybe go for something with a little more glint and pair it with big, golden hoops. Yes, hoops and bangles are back—and it’s time to capitalize. Even consider a set of tassel earrings to throw into the mix. You’ll really accentuate the allure of any floral dress. 

Last but not least, is footwear. From pumps to Pumas, boots to Birkenstocks, the maxi floral dress is a perfect pairing. It has become one of the most versatile pieces of any spring lover's wardrobe. There’s nothing that says a floral dress must accompany sore feet anymore. Grab your favorite footwear and get creative. What’s stopping you?

Wear a Floral Two-Piece Set

We absolutely love a two-piece moment. Two-piece sets are comfortable for the warmer spring days that are just around the corner. Two-piece floral dresses mean flexibility and style. Each bottom and top piece will always come in one reliable set. It’s ready to grab from the closet last minute for a fun, eye-catching look. While the two-piece is guaranteed to work perfectly in tandem, it also opens the doors to possibilities. Try to picture, for example, a colder or windier day. It could be a bad move to wear the bottom half of the pair in these conditions. What do you do though if the top is simply to-die-for? Split the two and throw on a pair of jeans—and you’ve got a relaxed, elegant look for the weather. On the flip side, the same can be said for the bottom. Maybe it’s a warmer day and those old t-shirts are calling from the wardrobe. Throw one on with the two-piece floral dress bottom for an elegant look with a modern chic twist. 

Try Out a Floral Kimono

Floral kimonos are another great addition to your wardrobe. They’re easy to throw on and will give any outfit that missing dash of serene beauty. With myriad prints and patterns, these traditionally inspired floral dresses are sure to turn heads. Pair it with jeans, a casual blouse, a graphic t-shirt, or your favorite sneakers; the sky’s the limit. Stay prepared and keep one on hand for any occasion.

Chic to Beat the Heat

Whether it’s the heat of the season or the heat of current fashion trends, the floral dress is a necessity. These dresses have become favorable amongst many crowds and in many occasions. Floral dresses, especially maxi floral dresses, have made the perfect comeback. The Mint Julep Boutique is your first step to finding the perfect floral dress for the upcoming spring season. Shop today to find your new favorite.