Cute Blue Ruffle Blouse: What Royal Blue Says About Your Outfit

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Tried And True Royal Blue Ruffled Blouse

Long ago, in the lands of kings and queens, indigo dyes were very difficult to make. This created scarcity around blue and purple clothing, and it effectively became a symbol of achievement for those who could afford to wear them. Today, a blue ruffle blouse represents serenity, depth, and an element of seriousness. When we wear it, we may even create a sense of trust and flow around us. 

Spoiler alert: This color is one of the tippy-top picks for spring of 2022. When we rock royal blues, we gently ring a bell and say, “Hello! I'm here, and I might just be ordering the caviar.” Royal blue can often be filled with a feeling of floating in healing waters, soaring through the air, or comfortably expressing our hearts. Let’s take a dive into the deep! 

Feeling Into Your Ruffle Collar Blouse 

We associate ruffles with the sky, the sea, and feelings of peace in between. But how do we wear them? Ruffle tops are styled beautifully with wide or slouchy bottoms, giving us an all-around feeling of relaxation and sophistication. The extra volume is also complemented well by defined lines, so pencil skirts or a-line mini skirts are also great combos. Since royal blue has so many ties to the British throne, you’ll show up with an energy that feels regal and defined. 

We feel at ease and present with our emotionality when we’re around royal blue, so it’s a great pick for first-date dinners. It’s a popular choice at weddings due to the sleek and elegant feeling it provides, and it extends to the afterparty, too! With everyone rocking a color that represents dependability, it’s a given that the energy will be unmatchable.

Switching To A White Ruffle Blouse?

Just as royal blues mean royalty, white represents purity. Newness. Clarity. You might imagine white snow drifting to the ground, white speckled eggs in bird’s nests come spring, or a blank sheet of paper, ready to be splashed with color. White routinely tells our brains that there’s a fresh slate for us to step into. 

Blue and white, especially when paired, are super reminiscent of lofty and peaceful dreams. If you imagine a blue backdrop with fluffy white clouds on it, you’ll picture the energy this dynamic duo hits with. A white ruffle blouse is very well styled with a cute pair of mom jeans. You’ll come off cool and collected, casual but professional, and you’ll be super comfy in pants that don’t tug too hard. 

Classic flared jeans have been making their way back to the tops of charts for the last two years, and this fall and spring were no exception. They’re back, baby. Pair them with your favorite shopthemint ruffle blouse to nail this trend as it rises to fame. The collar increases the air of regality, bringing you to the table with a priceless vibe. 


Making Waves With Color

The culture as of late has been all about finding new and improved ways to heal. As we’re attempting to flood our psyches with uplifting and peaceful energy, it’s no surprise that people are leaning towards these royal blues. In all of its positivity, it should still be mentioned that the blues are called the blues for a reason: tears! Sometimes deep blue can be melancholy. 

As we grow, both emotionally and spiritually, we learn to recognize and love these waves for what they are: healing. Maybe that’s why we’re drawn to these colors in spring of ‘22: we’re moving towards clarity, newness, sophistication, and deep awareness. Maybe it’s just what we ordered!