Can You Wear White Jeans in the Winter?

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Think twice before you push all of your white jeans to the back of your closet for the winter! If you’ve been wondering whether you can wear those white jeans you loved so much this summer, you absolutely can! And we think they are going to look great!

Here are some tips for how to style this fashion staple in a way that feels seasonally appropriate.

Ground the look with dark colors.

While you can completely throw out the rule that you can’t wear white after Labor Day, a helpful tip for making sure that your jeans don’t feel out of season in the winter is to ground them with staple pieces in dark or rich hues colors.

  • A burgundy or olive sweater serves as a reminder that the weather is still chilly and not a sunny summer day.
  • Dark over the knee boots and a navy blue blazer can add a very sophisticated touch to white jeans.
  • Throw on a thick black turtleneck or simple sweater for a classic color combo that transitions easily from the fall to winter.

The key is to create balance out of just the right amount of contrast.


Layer up to keep warm while looking cool.

Bundling up doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style! With so many chic coats, jackets, and cardigans to choose from, you can keep comfortable and warm while still looking right on trend. While a black coat is always a classic option, don’t be shy about adding some color to your wardrobe by way of show-stopping staples!

  • Style white jeans with a sleek bodysuit layered underneath a chunky cardigan for a touch of coziness that still looks sophisticated enough for date night.
  • A powder blue coat thrown over white jeans and a turtleneck sweater will make your eyes sparkle against the glow of freshly-fallen snow.
  • Layer a simple sweater with a puffer vest and a pair of crispy white jeans for a cozy and trendy look 

Layering doesn’t have to be a complicated process by any means. Have fun pairing different pieces together and seeing what works best for you!

Play with different silhouettes, and mix textures.

While you might stick to the more simple basics in the summertime, like a tank top and flip flops, cold weather’s all about playing with shapes and textures. Create visual interest by balancing slim fits with oversized pieces, or by mixing different fabrics together to add texture to a monochromatic look.

  • Head-to-toe white looks are complete show stoppers, but they aren’t just for the bold and unafraid. If you’re going to rock a monochromatic outfit, opt for rich textures that balance each other out (think: knits with lace, bouclé with silk) and don’t feel too summery.
  • Flare jeans are all the rage this season, and an exciting way to make them work for the winter is by styling them with a slim, colorful turtleneck.
  • Balance out a pair of super skinny jeans with a chunky, oversized sweater for a little bit of a celeb-inspired look.

With rich textures and fun silhouettes, you’ll be able to keep your white jeans feeling fresh for the season.

Accessorize with pieces that add a hint of color or sparkle.

Don’t forget to finish your look with some fun accessories! While you don’t need to pile on the jewelry, adding a touch of color or glimmer will tie your outfit together.

  • Glisten like a snow day with gold or silver accessories that add some shine to an otherwise simple look. Hoop earrings and chain necklaces are understated but charming.
  • A chunky white headband brings a bit of a preppy touch to a winter white look. With a chunky sweater and ballerina flats, you have the perfect workday outfit.
  • Trendy hats keep your head warm, look cute over curls and are the perfect way to tie a winter outfit together. If you’ll be heading to a tree lighting or out for a date at the ice rink, work this cute accessory into your ensemble.

No outfit is complete without the appropriate accessories. Look for pieces that mix fashion with function and, especially with jewelry, can carry you into future seasons.

White On for the Winter

Winter white is a fashion trend that comes back year after year because it’s a forever classic that somehow always feels fresh and new. Even if your instinct is to tuck your white jeans away once the temperatures start to drop, remember that there are so many fun ways you can work this fashion staple into your wardrobe for the winter!

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