4 Tips To Dress With Layers and Stay Warm and Cute This Winter

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It’s cold.

Maybe not everywhere, but a good chunk of the world shivers at the arrival of the winter season. As temperatures drop, layering clothes becomes a necessity, but layering can do more than keep you toasty. A fun layered outfit can make you feel cute, too. Besides, it’s not practical to throw on those thermal long johns in the dog days of summer. The winter season is your prime chance to experiment and dress with fun layers. Here, we’ve got some tips to help you feel cozy ‘n stylish all season long!

Start with a Base Layer

The base layer of your outfit is incredibly important. Choosing a material that will keep you warm and dry should be your first goal of dressing with layers. Certain materials tend to hold in more moisture (think sweat), leaving you frozen later on. Because of this, clothing containing polyester rather than cotton, for example, is best when layering your outfit. 

Keeping material in mind is especially important for layering items such as a turtleneck! A turtleneck top is made for layering. Once you try on this Mauve Pink Ribbed Sweater, you’ll find the possibilities for styling are endless! The fun design, gorgeous color, and dramatic sleeves give it enough flair to wear on its own! 

Other versatile base layer options:

Good Girl Gone Sage Classic Tunic

You Belong Charcoal Gray Waffle Knit Top

Take Your Place Clay Orange Ribbed Bodysuit

Choose a Mid-Layer That Won’t Make You Overheat

Being too hot is just as good (aka miserable) as being too cold. Let us introduce you to the shacket, the happy medium, and perhaps your new best friend for layering clothes! This fleece shacket is so cute, soft, and cozy! Once adorned, you’ll take it with you wherever you go! The buttons down the front make it a customizable pick for open or buttoned-up styling!

Shop more mid-layer wear: 

Carry Your Love Placid Blue Striped Cardigan

Feeling In Control Charcoal Gray Sherpa Shacket

Top Off Your Outfit with a Cute Outer Layer

Adding a bit of chicness to your outfit can really spice it up for those special occasions. This Oatmeal Brown Coat sports a color neutral enough to go with many outfit combinations, and you’ll feel like a boss doing so! 

Following the same tune, a reversible jacket is also a great way to maximize the way you dress with layers! Everyone loves a two-in-one deal, especially when it’s created with warmth, comfort, and style in mind! 

Shop reversible: Just Imagine Olive Green Reversible Jacket

But let’s be real, even with the holidays coming and going, plaid remains the star of winter! Plaid can be a color statement when layering clothes or dressed to complement existing colors! The possibilities are endless! 

Stay festive with a plaid design: On The List Burgundy Red Plaid Coat 

Staying Warm From Head to Toe!

Frostbite is no joke and protecting your most vulnerable areas is an ultimate “better safe than sorry” move! Wearing a hat such as an adorable beanie will help to keep your ears covered. Your head will be toasty warm, too! Go even further and top your outfit off with a beanie with pom-poms! Winter hangs out for a bit; why not fully embrace the season with fun touches like this?

Scarves, too, are an absolute must! Wrapping yourself up in this sassy green camo print scarf will instantly add pops of color to your layered outfit! Scarves can brighten up your go-to neutral get-up, while also protecting your neck and face!

Don’t forget the booties! Cold weather brings snow, ice, slush, and everything in between! Trekking the sidewalks with a trusty pair of booties will ensure your feet are protected from the elements. You can shop your new fave pair of boots here: https://shopthemint.com/collections/trendy-boots-booties 

You deserve to be warm, and look cute while doing so! The Winter Daze Collection has got you covered! The Mint Julep Boutique makes it fashionable to layer up and stay protected! Shop more styles to get your perfect layered outfits!