10 Best Fall Wedding Guest Dresses

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With the gentle rustling of leaves, the crisp autumn air, and golden sunsets, fall weddings exude a distinct charm. The season is romantic, filled with fiery hues and cozy vibes that make it perfect for tying the knot. As a guest, you not only want to honor the couple's special day by looking your best but also want to embrace the essence of the season. That's where fall wedding guest dresses come into the picture.

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The good news? You don't have to spend hours scouring the web for the perfect attire. We've handpicked the top 10 fall wedding guest dresses from Shop The Mint’s latest collection that will ensure you turn heads and feel fantastic.


1. The Vintage Velvet Delight:

Velvet is synonymous with fall. The luxurious texture and the way it drapes gracefully makes it a top choice. Opt for a rich, jewel-toned velvet dress to not only feel warm but also to reflect the fall colors beautifully.

2. Maxi Magic: 

A flowing classic black maxi dress captures the season's spirit. Pair it with ankle boots or heels, and you have a winning combination.black maxi dress for wedding

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3. Earthy-toned Elegance:

Fall is all about earthy tones. Think shades of brown, olive, and terracotta. A simple, well-fitted dress in any of these colors can be paired with statement earrings or a necklace to elevate your fall wedding guest look.earthy toned dresses

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4. The Boho Chic:

Boho dresses have an effortless charm. Choose one with intricate lacework, fringe details, or flowy sleeves. When paired with leather boots, the combination screams autumn chic.orchid purple boho fall dress

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5. Classic Midi with a Twist:

A midi dress is a versatile choice for any wedding. For fall, pick one with unique features like asymmetric hemlines, ruffled sleeves, or off-the-shoulder styles. The right accessories can transition this look from day to night.

6. Refined Ruffle:

Ruffles add volume and drama to fall wedding guest dresses. Whether it's a ruffled hem, neckline, or sleeves, this detail can transform a simple dress into a showstopper. Opt for muted shades to let the ruffles do the talking. burgundy ruffled dress

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7. Glamorous Gold:

As the trees turn golden, why not incorporate this hue into your attire? A gold sequined dress or one with golden embroidery can be a dazzling choice, reflecting the ambient glow of a fall evening wedding.

8. Slit Sophistication:

Dresses with slits not only make for a stylish statement but also add a touch of allure. Paired with strappy heels and minimalistic jewelry, a dress with a high slit can be both classy and sexy.

9. Wrapped in Warmth:

Wrap dresses are both comfortable and chic. Their adaptable nature means they flatter all body types. For a fall wedding, select a wrap dress in a thicker material or one with long sleeves to keep the chill at bay. black satin dress

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10. Wrap and Layered Loveliness:

Layers add depth and dimension to dresses. A layered tulle or chiffon dress in autumnal shades can create a dreamy, ethereal look. It's playful and elegant at the same time. orange fall dress for wedding

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Styling Tips for Your Fall Wedding Guest Dresses

While the dress forms the foundation of your look, the right accessories and styling can elevate your overall appearance:

  • Shoes: Booties, pumps, or strappy heels can all work, depending on the dress. Remember, comfort is key, especially if you plan to dance the night away. Shop our cute shoes.

  • Jewelry:  Statement pieces can enhance simple dresses. However, if your dress is already detailed, opt for subtle jewelry. Shop our cute jewelry.

  • Outerwear: Fall can be unpredictable. Carry a stylish shawl or jacket to keep you warm during outdoor ceremonies or receptions. Shop our outerwear styles

  • Hair and Makeup: Consider the dress's neckline and style when choosing a hairstyle. As for makeup, warm tones such as browns, golds, and reds complement the fall palette.

    emerald green satin dress

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    Fall weddings are magical. With the right fall wedding guest dress from Shop The Mint’s collection, you can not only partake in the celebration but also embody the season's beauty and elegance. Happy shopping, and here's to celebrating love amidst the splendor of fall!

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